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Angels Screensavers
Winter Moonlight Skaters Preview

Winter Moonlight Skaters - The ice is my canvas, my skates the brush. ANIMATED screensaver with falling snow and twinkling stars. Matching desktop theme and wallpaper also available. The ice is my heaven, more beautiful than anything ever described, more delicate than than all of the angels, more gentle than the wind.

Christmas Fireplace 3D Screensaver Preview

Christmas Fireplace 3D Screensaver - Christmas Fireplace 3D immerses you into the warmth of a library with a burning fireplace, festive colored lights strung around the Christmas tree and your own photo on the mantelpiece. The scene is displayed in 3D from different camera angels.

Going to Heaven Preview

Going to Heaven - Created especially for a wonderful Grandmother with a lovely little baby who went to be with his heavenly Father. Theme has angel icons, sparkly starry cursors and beautiful sounds. Original wallpaper, theme, cursors and screensaver are all abailable. Screensaver has wonderful angels floating and plays a lullaby.

Golden Angel Preview

Golden Angel - Golden Angels float up and down as clouds drift by on a semi-transparent background to the song My Heart Will Go On.Has matching Wallpaper.

Angel Glow Preview

Angel Glow - Angels float up and down on a tranparent background to the song Angels by Robbie Williams.Has matching Wallpaper.

Sea Of Dreams Preview

Sea Of Dreams - In A Magical Place Known As The Sea Of Dreams A Beautiful Angel Dwells. She Can Make All Our Dreams Come True When Our Hearts Are Pure. A Matching Wallpaper and IE Toolbar Are Also Available. I Hope All Your Dreams Come True ~ Lady Di

A Springtime Angel Preview

A Springtime Angel - A pretty little angel sits alongside a country path surround by springtime flowers,butterflies and birds. Music is muteable. A Matching Wallpaper and IE Toolbar Are Also Available. ~ ENJOY ~ Lady Di

Emerald Blessings Preview

Emerald Blessings - Bringing blessings from the Emerald Isle, with this lovely screensaver for St. Patricks Day. contains falling clovers, rippling effect, and an irish midi.

Constantine Preview

Constantine - Constantine 2005 Movie Screen Saver. Keanu Reeves Rachel Weisz stars as a supernatural detective investigating the battle between demons and angels in modern-day Los Angeles. Based on the comic book Hellblazer life between Heaven and Hell. Wallpaper contains violence and demonic images. Jeffsthemes

Magical and Mystical Make Believe Preview

Magical and Mystical Make Believe - In this land of make believe of Fairies, Unicorns, Angels and Exotic Places anything can happen. Its a place where our imaginations can soar. Magic is a special place we all understand. Over 100 quality images set to magical music by Yanni and others. State of the art special effects and graphics. Fully customizable. FREEWARE-Donations Only. Created by Lady Di

Angels From Heaven Preview

Angels From Heaven - Angels came down from heaven yesterday and told me about the love between the moon and the deep blue sea. Matching desktop theme also available. Fly on, fly on, my sweet angels, forever I will be by your side.

Fallen Angel Screen Saver Preview

Fallen Angel Screen Saver - Screen saver created by Renee of The Penniless Prophet. Includes originally designed wallpaper with art by Zankas of a fallen male angel lit by a stream of light with animated galaxy. Music by Shinedown. 1024 x 768 resolution only. Enjoy!

angels in love Preview

angels in love - even the angels celebrate valentines day. love knows no boundries. many animations. music to fit the little angels on this special day. hope you will enjoy it.

Little Angels TSS Preview

Little Angels TSS - Little animated boy and girl angels floating around on transparent background.

Summer Past Preview

Summer Past - Back behind the beautiful flowers lies the ghosts of summer past. Everything passes, even beauty. Enjoy it while you can, and know that it will come again. Theme and wallpaper also available.

Johnny Angel Preview

Johnny Angel - A Little Baby Boy angel, who said only girls can be angels, the song Johnny Angel is the background music for this saver with twinkling stars

AngelDoveSS Preview

AngelDoveSS - My own creation, This saver has lots of transition effects and plays a wonder midi.

Watching Preview

Watching - Screensaver to match my Watching theme.

Globe Preview

Globe - Watch this lovely globe waterfall sparkle on your screen

Heavenly Peace Preview

Heavenly Peace - Screensaver to match my Heavenly Peace theme.

Fallen Angel Preview

Fallen Angel - Screensaver to match my Fallen Angel theme.

Tiny Country Angels Preview

Tiny Country Angels - Cute tiny angels floating about on your desktop.

7art Unknown Flying Objects ScreenSaver Preview

7art Unknown Flying Objects ScreenSaver - Winged flying creatures radiating Love variated pithches elevating path... beautiful spontaneous hovering in space like the guardian angels hiding their face... sending their message from the Universe showing the passage like the life diverse...

Angels Preview

Angels - Handcrafted angels by Agnes Myers float around the screen. Matching wallpaper picture available by email.

Angles Among Us Preview

Angles Among Us - Saver features 12 images of angles in all types of settings. Saver plays Tears in Heaven and has many display options.

My Valentine Preview

My Valentine - Saver has angels dust floating around in the globe and hearts float by, you might even get kissed, the background music is the song My Valentine

Victorian Angels Preview

Victorian Angels - This is a wonderful screen saver filled with 13 great pictures of Victorian Angels and beautiful flowers. Enjoy Darlene

Angel Keeper Preview

Angel Keeper - A single angel to watch over your computer. May god bless you and keep you. Transparent background. I had a few testers for this saver and I got more compliments on just one angel.

New Year Cheers Preview

New Year Cheers - 3 cute baby angels flying around in a cloudy sky toasting to the New Year. Animated flowers floating down. Auld Lang Syne music included. Desktop theme available separately.

Golden Stars by MOD Preview

Golden Stars by MOD - Transparent saver of puffy golden satin-like stars

Rejoice Preview

Rejoice - A pretty delicate saver for Christmas, angels and puffy silk-like stars float on your desktop, musical background is a pretty rendition of The First Noel. This saver is transparent.Happy Holidays MOD

Merry Christmas Preview

Merry Christmas - Animated Santa together with Angels is bringing you the Christmas mood and sprit with nice background music.

Golden Gathering Preview

Golden Gathering - Many unusual golden animals and fantasy figures gather for this colorful screensaver full of animation, including centaurs, wizards, angels and dragons. Theme available separately.

Shadows On The Snow Preview

Shadows On The Snow - A pretty winter scene with snow on the trees and a fence that casts its shadow on the snow. It is a cold and chilly day for a long walk home. Saver has snow and plays Angels Among Us by Alabama. Happy Holidays!

Free screensaver preview. Wild Growth Enchantment free screensaver and matching desktop theme.
download Wild Growth Screensaver
Free screensaver preview. Violets screensaver uses my most popular graphics effect. Free screensaver with images transforming and revealing themselves into each other creating a relaxing yet interesting effect. Violets has a matching desktop theme and is one of my most downloaded screensavers every week.
download Violets Screensaver
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