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Beach Outlook Stationery
Betty Boop For April Preview

Betty Boop For April - What a marvelous picture this is of Betty and her friends Roller Blading down the Beach front sidewalk. This marvelous wallpaper came from the screen saver, Betty Boops Year Full Of Fun,which was posted earlier. Enjoy Darlene.

Tropical Island For March Preview

Tropical Island For March - Take on the feel of a cool summers breeze, with palm trees dancing, in this lovely beach setting of white sand and a blue sky as you moor your sailboat on the beach by the ocean of aqua blue. Enjoy Wally.

Cape Florida Lighthouse Preview

Cape Florida Lighthouse - What a pretty picture this is of the Cape Florida lighthouse sitting on the edge of the sandy beach, with lots of trees and blue water for its neighbor. From the screen saver Lighthouses In Florida, which was posted earlier. Enjoy Darlene.

Sponge Bobs Rotten Barnacle Preview

Sponge Bobs Rotten Barnacle - Sponge Bob and Patrick has gone to the beach and Sponge Bob is in such a big hurry to go surfin, hes running over Patrick. Enjoy Darlene.

Fantasy Island By Lacats Preview

Fantasy Island By Lacats - Visit a tropical fantasy island where you can relax and enjoy the pleasure of a beautiful beach.

Betty Boop For  February Preview

Betty Boop For February - Step out unto the beach with Betty Boop in this great wallpaper for February as she dresses in her Carman Miranda outfit of a grass skirt and fruit flavored hat. Enjoy Darlene.

Tropical Island For January Preview

Tropical Island For January - Step into the beauty of this warm tropical island in the Britsh Virgin Islands. This beautiful wallpaper with its abundance of white cap ocean waves and magnificent flowers on a sandy beach. A great matching screen saver is named Tropical Islands which was posted earlier. Enjoy Wally.

Moonlit Swim Preview

Moonlit Swim - Matches my Screensaver of the same name. Font, style, size and color built in. Sound file is ocean waves breaking on the shore. Original wallpaper by Star Angel.

Endless Night Preview

Endless Night - This is a wonderful painting by artist Alan Giana. Winters snow has fallen to this beach front property, the lighthouse is decorated with garland and red ribbon, and the Pine tress are decorated in ornaments and lots of snow. From the screen saver, Spirit Of The Season which was posted earlier. Merry Christmas, Wally.

Encircled by The Light Preview

Encircled by The Light - Theres a full moon out in the dark winter sky, and the residents of this beach front home has decorated their sail boat with a wonderful Christmas tree, for the holiday season. This wonderful painting was created by artist Alan Giana. From the screen saver, Spirit Of The Season which was posted earlier. Merry Christmas Darlene.

Skeletons Treasure Preview

Skeletons Treasure - The ghost pirate ship has landed on the sandy beach and the skeletons are caring their treasure on shore. Hope you have a spooky and wonderful Halloween, Wally.

Transition 2 Animated Stationery Preview

Transition 2 Animated Stationery - Image in picture by Omnitekdesigns. Animation and other graphics by Star Angel. This matches my screensaver Transition 2 SS. Stationery has sound of the ocean built into it, plus built in font, size and color.

Surfin The Big One Preview

Surfin The Big One - This is a great picture of a man who has caught a very nice wave and is doing some surfin tricks on it. Enjoy Darlene.

Sunrise Beach Preview

Sunrise Beach - This is a breath taking painting by artist Steven Sundram. The oceans waves are rolling in onto the sandy beach, and the sun is rising to give that special glow over the ocean, beach, Palm Trees and waterfall. Enjoy Jeanie.

Midnight at the beach Preview

Midnight at the beach - This dark stationary has a beautiful midnight scene in the back ground

Romp On the Beach Preview

Romp On the Beach - This beautiful horse is having a very nice jog, down the sandy beach, on the waters edge, keeping nice and cool. Enjoy Jeanie.

Kenny Chesney Somewhere In The Sun Preview

Kenny Chesney Somewhere In The Sun - This is a great picture of Kenny Chesney sitting on the beach. Enjoy Wally.

Dream By The Sea Preview

Dream By The Sea - A beautiful ocean scene with waves crashing on a sunset beach. Stationery is left side scrolling and plays nature sounds. Matches my theme by the same name.

Endless Seas Preview

Endless Seas - This wonderful painting was created by the very talented artist Alan Giana. Its a beautiful painting of a beach with Seagulls on it, and you look out at the ocean and it seems as though the oceans blue waters never end. Enjoy Wally.

Lichtenstein Castle Preview

Lichtenstein Castle - Lichtenstein Castle in Germany, stands majestically on the mountainside overlooking the famous fishing village of Hout Bay with panoramic views of the beach, ocean and harbour. Enjoy Wally.

Black Skimmer Preview

Black Skimmer - This is a very nice picture of a Black Skimmer who has landed on the sandy beach among some grass and seashells. From the screen saver Birds Of The Caribbean, which was posted separately. Enjoy Darlene.

Sponge Bob For August Preview

Sponge Bob For August - Sponge Bob and Patrick seem to be taking it easy as they do some sun bathing on their beach chairs. Matching Screen Saver is named, Sponge Bobs Year Full Of Fun, which was posted separately. Enjoy Wally.

Haleiwa Evening Preview

Haleiwa Evening - This is a beatiful picture of the oceans waves with their white caps rolling in onto to this sandy beach, as the sun sets for the evening. Enjoy Wally.

Moon Setting Over The Sandy Beach Preview

Moon Setting Over The Sandy Beach - This is a very pretty picture of the Moon setting over some sand dunes, as some Seagulls fly by in the night sky. Enjoy Darlene.

Seagulls Preview

Seagulls - Enjoy this beautiful seascape of the ocean and a mountain of rocks with gulls flying on high in the blue sky. Enjoy Darlene.

Beach Party Preview

Beach Party - Sit back and enjoy a day at the beach. Stationery is left side scrolling and plays music by the Beach Boys. Matches my theme by the same name.

Footprints In The Sand Preview

Footprints In The Sand - A little boy meets Jesus on a beach. Stationery is left side scrollin and plays soft beach sounds. Matches my theme by the same name.

Budweiser King OF Beers Preview

Budweiser King OF Beers - These 3 bathing beauties sure know how to enjoy the hot summer days. They are soaking up the sunshine lying on their Budweiser beach blanket, and staying cool with a nice cold drink of Bud. Enjoy Wally.

Room With A View Preview

Room With A View - A beautiful view of the ocean with pretty sailboats and a lovely beach. What a wonderful place to vacation. Stationery is left side scrolling with a tiled scrolling background. Plays Abrey by the group Bread. Matches my theme by the same name. Enjoy!

Pelicans Preview

Pelicans - This pretty ocean scene is a real winner with its beautiful waves, rocks and pelicans waiting on the shore. Enjoy Darlene.

Moongate Preview

Moongate - There is the serenity of the tropics in the beautiful picture of the ocean on a moon lit night as you pass through a beautiful gate of native stonework enhanced by a tiki light. Enjoy Jeanie.

Jogging Down The Beach Preview

Jogging Down The Beach - What a beautiful painting this is of a white Unicorn jogging through the water on the beach. Enjoy Wally.

Sea Breeze Preview

Sea Breeze - This is a really beautiful painting of an ocean wave, blue skies with white fluffy clouds, and lots of swaying Palm trees. Enjoy, Darlene

Winter Delivery Preview

Winter Delivery - This is a great picture of the US Lighthouse Tender Heather as she circles the Tillamook Light Station two miles west of Cannon Beach Oregon. Enjoy Darlene.

Free screensaver preview. Tulip Swirl free screensaver and desktop theme. Cubes tumble across your screen and build a beautiful image along with the music.
download Tulip Swirl Screensaver
Free screensaver preview. Beach Tranquility screensaver and desktop theme. Great rain drop effect pours down your desktop creating beautiful beach scenes. Has a unique desktop theme.
download Beach Tranquility Screensaver
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