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Deer Screensavers
On The Move Preview

On The Move - Shy in their herding they dwell. They are spirits of wild sense. They live a life of sufficient beauty, phantom, fugitive. Rippling water effect in this ANIMATED screensaver. Matching desktop theme, wallpaper, Messenger skin and Winamp skin also available. The deer keep delicate and far their counsels wild. Lightfoot, swift, and unfamiliar, you may not hinder or confine them, they are spirits of the wild.

Garden Path Preview

Garden Path - A moving stream flows through a glorius array of colorful flowers and trees. Deer can be seen on the other side of the bridge. Other little creatures appear. The optional music is Innocence.

Autumn Valley Preview

Autumn Valley - A moving stream flows by a small secluded church. Flickering flames light up the street lamps, animated smoke from the chimney and a deer passes by. The optional music is Churdh In The Wildwood.

Forest Near the Castle Ruins Preview

Forest Near the Castle Ruins - Wp bg by Thomas Moran. This is animated with many animations. Pond and deer animation by Star Angel. Sound included.

Winters Promise Land Preview

Winters Promise Land - Winter has arrived in the woods and all the different animals, are enjoying the winters snow. This beautiful saver has 13 different pictures of wolves, birds, deer, Siberian Tigers, Penguins and a lil Bobcat. Music by Jim Reeves, Snowflake. Enjoy Jeanie.

On The Run Preview

On The Run - Two deer running from the wolves background with falling snow and a working clock.Music on the hour that can be muted.Matching theme available.

Winter Mischief Preview

Winter Mischief - This screen saver has 12 great pictures of horses, wolves, birds, deer and puppies all enjoying the winter snow. Music by Johnny Mathis, Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow. Enjoy Wally.

Winter Friends Preview

Winter Friends - What a wonderful saver with 12 adorable pictures of deer, dogs, birds owls, snowmen and children. Music by Johnny Mathis, Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Enjoy Darlene.

Night of Sky 2 Preview

Night of Sky 2 - After requests from you Folks I made this saver without wolfs in the sky. Watch gentle animated snowfall in a fairytale landscape. Deers and wolves are moving in this breathtaking scenery while stars sparkle and the romantic song somewhere out there is sung. Matching Wallpaper available. Enjoy DF

Santa and Rudolph SS Preview

Santa and Rudolph SS - Lovely wallpaper by unknown. Magical Christmas screensaver is of Santa having a heart to heart with Rudolph. Many animations of the animals and decorations. Additonal art effects by Star Angel. Music is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Christmas Night Preview

Christmas Night - Watch as two artistic cartoon characters (Sketch and Smudge) draw a beautiful snow covered Cristmas Night complete with Santa and his reindeer flying in a moonlit sky. Its a great way to expose children to art.

Sudden Stop Santa Preview

Sudden Stop Santa - Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer is the Wonderful Holiday Song for this Transparent Screen Saver. Plays only once at the start. Matches the Desktop Theme by Trish called Sudden Stop. Wonderful Christmas Theme. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Joyful ChristmasExpress Preview

Joyful ChristmasExpress - 5 Star Creator Lady Di Invites You To Take A Ride On The Joyful Christmas Express. Magical Animations From Your Window On A Cold Winter Day Of A Snowman, Winter Rabbit and Cardinals. The Glow Of A Fireplace Next Door And A Deer In The Distance. Along Your Window Sill The Holiday Love Train Blows Itís Whistle As It Goes By. Mutable Midi Is Theres No Place Like Home For The Holidays. Highly Collectable Signature Series Original by Lady Di. All Aboard and Happy Holidays From Lady Di and Theme Shack

Santas Village Preview

Santas Village - Five star Theme Shack Creator, Star Angel, presents Santas Village. Original wallpaper. This has many animations. Fun for the whole family! Music starts off with Santa talking, followed by a medley of Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer, Jingle Jingle Jingle, and Here Comes Santa Claus.

Thanksgiving Sunrise SS Preview

Thanksgiving Sunrise SS - Simple silent little saver with flashing Happy Thanksgiving against a sunrise deer background.

Charming Country Christmas Preview

Charming Country Christmas - 5 Star Theme Shack Creator Presents A Charming Christmassy Country View From Your Window. A Lit Candle Flickers In The Window and The Christmas Lights Twinkle, A Cardinal Perches On A Branch Outside And Looks In, Deer Can Be Seen In the Distance, The Icicles On The Window Glisten As The Snow Gently Falls Outside. This Is Truly A Charming Christmas In The Country. Adjustable Music Is The Christmas Song, Sung By Lou Rawls. Happy Holidays From Lady Di and Theme Shack.

Autumn Doe Falls Screen Saver Preview

Autumn Doe Falls Screen Saver - Original art and screen saver by Shar of The Penniless Prophet. A beautiful autumn setting with deers grazing by a river with 3D water illusions along with soothing new age music. 1024 x 768 and 800 x 600 compatable. Enjoy!

Christmas Preview

Christmas - Digital wallpaper by Star Angel. This has many animations. Deer gather in a mountain valley for Christmas. Music is Silent Night by Julie Andrews.

Jungle Scene SS Preview

Jungle Scene SS - This is a beautiful artists rendition of a jungle. This is animated with several animations such as a cheetah chasing a deer, birds, a hummingbird feeding from a flower, a monkey and more! Sound file is various jungle sounds.

In the Sierra Nevada SS Preview

In the Sierra Nevada SS - Art image by Albert Bierstadt. WP transparent frame, eagles and deer by Star Angel. Matches my wallpaper of the same name. This is a water saver and water speed may be ajdusted in display properties.

Come Out to Play Preview

Come Out to Play - On a summer afternoon when no one is around, look what may be coming out to play in your garden. These wonderful dragons and fairies sorta have the deer and the kitty cats spooked, but they are still curious. Theme, original wallpaper by Irene and a great animated screensaver with flying butterflies and dragon are all available.

White Tail Deer Preview

White Tail Deer - This is a wonderful screen saver filled with 14 different pictures of White Tail Deer in different locations, like fields and meadows, cooling off in a couple of rivers. Theres even a couple of pictures of these marvelous deer near very tall Cypress Trees, and a couple of babies hiding behind trees and flowers. Music from the movie Bambi, Stag Fight. Enjoy Wally.

Born To Be Wild Preview

Born To Be Wild - This is a wonderful screen saver with 14 different pictures of animals that were born in the wild, and should remain there. This saver has pictures of Monkeys, Bears, Bob Cats, Coyotee and Deer. Music by Steppen Wolf, Born To Be Wild. Enjoy Darlene.

morning has broken Preview

morning has broken - a deer on the mountain as the day is beginning.a water effect saver and speed may be adjusted. music to begin the day with goes well with ths saver.start your day with peace and quiet. hope you will enjoy it.

In the Mountains SS by Star Angel Preview

In the Mountains SS by Star Angel - Lovely painting of a deer family in the mountains. This is a water saver with sound. Image by Unknown.

Beside Still Waters Preview

Beside Still Waters - Night Is Falling Upon This Lovely Lakeshore Cabin. The Lake Waters Barely Move And Glisten With The Reflections From The Shore. There Is A Chill In The Night Air And Smoke Billows From The Chimmney From A Fire In The Fireplace That Warms The Inside While A Bonfire Burns Outside. The Deer Come Out of The Woods To Graze Beside Still Waters. Completely Adjustable Relaxing Music With Sounds Of Nature Blending In. Matching Wallpaper and IE Toolbar Available. ~ Lady Di

White Tailed Deer Preview

White Tailed Deer - A slide show of photos taken of deer at Salt Fork State Park in Ohio. Original photos by B.J. Nicol.

Reindeer in the Snow Preview

Reindeer in the Snow - Matching snow effect screensaver to desktop theme, hotbar, IE toolbar, winamp and wallpaper.

Where`s Santa Preview

Where`s Santa - I have no idea where he is but he seems to have forgot his hat, the deer thinks he`s left to make his xmas rounds, I hope he don`t catch cold without the hat, especially since this saver has falling snow.

Blue Fields Preview

Blue Fields - A snowy mountain scene with animated water and falling snow. A deer enjoys a run along the stream. The optional music is Blue Fields.

Ho, Ho, Ho SS Preview

Ho, Ho, Ho SS - This small transparent saver has flashing Merry Christmas signs and Santa and his sleigh flying by while mutable music plays Grandma Got Runover By A Reindeer and Santa shouts his famous HO HO HO.

Tranquility Lake Preview

Tranquility Lake - Rippling water,flying eagle and a runnung deer.Matching theme same name available.

the deer of autumn Preview

the deer of autumn - an autumn day by the river. colorful leaves everywhere. a water effect saver and speed may be adjusted. very peaceful music. come and sit on the riverbank and enjoy natures show of colors. hope you will enjoy it.

Free screensaver preview. Carnaval screensaver and desktop theme. Amazing images break into pieces and fly away to the mood of a smooth Blues song. Music is a very obscure Rolling Stones song.
download Carnaval Screensaver
Free screensaver preview. Butterfly Fantasia screensaver and desktop theme. This is the number one downloaded screensaver. This fractal is a favorite of my entire family. 3 Dimensional cubes tumble across your screen building a stunning butterfly along with mysterious music.
download Butterfly Fantasia Screensaver
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