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Easter Screensavers

HOMETOWN CHAPEL - It would be so lovely to celebrate Easter Sunday in this beautiful little chapel in the country. Painted by Thomas Kinkade, as no one else can do it. Theme, wallpaper and a free screensaver are all available for download. Happy Easter, God bless...

Peter Cottontail Preview

Peter Cottontail - Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail, hippity-hoppity Easter is on its way. Dozens of wonderful pics of Easter bunnies in this unique screensaver for the whole family. You will wake up on Easter morning and you will know that he was there, when you find those chocolate bunnies that he has hidden everywhere.

Special Easter Preview

Special Easter - I hope you enjoy this saver that has 16 pictures of Easter bunnies, chicks, Tweety Bird, beautiful Tulips, and a couple of Religious papers. Music Here Comes Peter Cottontail. Enjoy Jeanie.

3D Easter Egg Screen Saver Preview

3D Easter Egg Screen Saver - Original, hand made Easter screen saver by Renee of The Penniless Prophet.

The Easter Egg Hunt Preview

The Easter Egg Hunt - Its A Beautiful Spring Day For This Easter Egg Hunt With Plenty Of Brightly Colored and Sparkly Easter Eggs To Be Found. Can You Find Them All FREEWARE ~ Lady Di

Easter Basket Preview

Easter Basket - Two cute little bunnies in a basket full of Easter eggs background with floating Easter eggs.It also has a working clock.Petter Cottontail plays once at startup,but it can be muted.The clock chimes on the hour.Matching theme,same name, available.There is also a matching Winamp skin called Easter Bunny.

Wild Rabbits Preview

Wild Rabbits - What a great saver this is with 11 pictures of Marsh Rabbits and some Cottontail rabbits all of them living wild. Music Here Comes Peter Cottontail. Enjoy Wally.

Front Garden of Easter Preview

Front Garden of Easter - Look at this enchanted and peacefull front garden of easter. Tons of animals and plant animations. Great cute music

Easter Neon Preview

Easter Neon - No better way to brighten up your life this Easter season than with this holigraphic bunny and some brilliant, bouncing Easter eggs. WOW

Hip Chicks Easter Parade Preview

Hip Chicks Easter Parade - These 4 Hip Easter Chicks Are Marching Across Your Desktop In Their Own Easter Parade Style and Coolness. A Cute Screensaver For Everyone, But Especially The Kids. ~ Happy Easter From Lady Di

Orange Sun Cross SS Preview

Orange Sun Cross SS - Just in time for Easter. Rippling orange waters, Celtic Cross and mutable Gregorian Chant music is this saver.

Peach Cross Clock SS Preview

Peach Cross Clock SS - Just in time for Easter. Rippling Peach Cross, real time clock and mutable Gregorian Chant music is this saver.

Rainbow Bunnies and Precious Moments Preview

Rainbow Bunnies and Precious Moments - Eggs full of precious moments float on a background of rainbowed bunnies for a bright and lively Easter season.

Blue Silk Cross SS Preview

Blue Silk Cross SS - Just in time for Easter. Rippling Blue Silk Cross and mutable Gregorian Chant music is this saver.

The True Meaning by LaCats Preview

The True Meaning by LaCats - The tomb of Christ is visited by two women. The find the Christ has risen from his tomb. Saver has fire effect and plays Hes Alive. Matches my theme by the same name. Happy Easter!

Here Comes Peter Cottontail Preview

Here Comes Peter Cottontail - Animated Easter Chicks and Rabbits Dance To The Tune Here Comes Peter Cottontail. Very Small File. Cute Screensaver For The Kids. Happy Easter ~ Lady Di

Easter Afloat 2 Preview

Easter Afloat 2 - Eggs and bunnies and chickies all caught up in bubbles with bubbles bubbling on your screen for Easter time. There is a theme and wallpaper available also.

a happy easter wish Preview

a happy easter wish - happy easter from our home to yours. a soft but busy saver filled with many animations. music to set a relaxing mood for this family holiday. hope you will enjoy it.

Dove Dreams Preview

Dove Dreams - For those of you who requested the doves of peace in a transparent screensaver, here you are and enjoy...Perfect paired with any Easter or Spring wallpaper, these doves will fly straight into your heart.

some bunny Preview

some bunny - a fun way to show those you care about, a very happy easter. many, many animations and music titled..some bunny. have a loved filled easter. hope you will enjoy it.

Easter Treasures Preview

Easter Treasures - Have a beautiful blue Easter and here are some sweet things for your Holiday desktop to brighten your days. Theme, animated screensaver and original wallpaper by Irene are all available for you.

bunny cupboards Preview

bunny cupboards - an easter shelf all set up for one and all to see. many, many animations and music for a country easter time. be sure to take time to see the saver on the monitor. lots of fun. hope you will enjoy it.

the rabbits garden Preview

the rabbits garden - a happy saver for easter time. a rabbits garden full of easter eggs almost ready for delivery. many, many animations and an easter medley which adds to the scene. lots of fun for all ages. hope you will enjoy it.

Easter Eggin Preview

Easter Eggin - A cute little theme with tons of Easter eggs, bunnies, and more. Original wallpaper by Irene, theme has cursors, icons and sounds. Theme, animated wallpaper with Happy Easter wishes and mutable music and the wallpaper are all available.

White Easter Lily Preview

White Easter Lily - This is my very first FREE screensaver. It is my gift to all of you who have supported me, my site and all of my efforts. Thank you. This easter lily matches the wallpaper of the same name. The lily looks as if it is floating in the middle of a pond.

Easter On The March Preview

Easter On The March - This is a very lovely saver with 15 different pictures of Easter Bunnies, chicks, and lots more for you to enjoy this Easter season. Musicby Bing Crosby, Easter Parade. Enjoy Darlene.

Lost Dreams Preview

Lost Dreams - A beautiful pastel rainbowed image of calla lilies reflecting in water along with some mementos of lost dreams. Perfect for spring, Easter, for those who have lost dreams or just for a bit of beauty. Original wallpaper by Irene, desktop theme and an animated screensaver with tons of pastel rainbowed bubbles floating are all available for your downloading pleasure.

Jesus Easter Preview

Jesus Easter - Crosses & Lillies float up a& down on a eransparent background to the MiDi Old Rugged Cross. Has matching wallpaper.

Baby Chick Bounce Preview

Baby Chick Bounce - By request....Baby Chicks bounce around on a transpatent background to the MiDi Chicken Dance.

Easter Ascension Preview

Easter Ascension - Heavenly Crosses Ascend to Heaven Above. Matching Wallpaper Also Available. Created by Lady Di

Easter Gift Preview

Easter Gift - This is a beautiful saver with 15 different gifts of Easter Bunnies, chicks, eggs and some crosses for you to enjoy this Easter season. Music by Bing Crosby, Easter Parade. Enjoy Jeanie.

Free screensaver preview. Flower Petal screensaver and desktop theme.  This free screensaver uses a beautiful technique, pieces break and fly away. Flower Petal is very unique art that is dominately shades of peach.
download Flower Petal Screensaver
Free screensaver preview. Palermo Paradise free screensaver includes several beautiful paintings of Palermo Italy. The matching desktop theme uses beautiful colors that match the wallpaper.
download Palermo Paradise Screensaver
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