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Fairies Screensavers
Field of Spring Preview

Field of Spring - Freeware. Awesome Field of Spring lots of Flowers, animals, fairies and other great animations. Got to see this. Awesome music one of my favorites by Forrest Gump goes along. Sit back

Enchanted Paradise Fantasy Preview

Enchanted Paradise Fantasy - Beautiful Fantasy Paradise Where Fairies, Unicorns and Pegasus Gather. Escape To This Magical Paradise Where The Waters Glisten and The Sky Sparkles. The Flowers and Butterflies Shine With Lovely Iridescent Colors. Adjustable Soundtrack is Titled Fantasy Tune. ~ Lady Di

Christmas Castle Fantasy Preview

Christmas Castle Fantasy - Award winning author, Star Angel presents a beautiful fantasy christmas scene, of a crystal castle and a aurora borealis beaded xmas tree. Fairies gather and light the star while a gryphon watches and a pegasus guards the castle. Matches my desktop theme of the same name. Wallpaper created and animations by Star Angel. Additional art effects and animation added for the saver.

Ornaments of Christmas Preview

Ornaments of Christmas - Wallpaper and ornaments created by Star Angel. This is animated with many animations. Beautiful ornaments sparkling away, fairies and merrry xmas sign. Much Christmas ambience. Music is several traditional Christmas songs sung by various artists.

Acorn Fairy Preview

Acorn Fairy - Standing in front of her Acorn House amid the falling leaves this saver is for the young and the young at heart,background music Autumn Leaves by Rodger Williams, saver has falling leaves

Fairies Dance Pond Preview

Fairies Dance Pond - loveley fairies dance at a pond in the shine of stars and sparkle, with candles and sweet, enchanting music. Matching Wallpaper available. Enjoy DF

Night of Fairies Dance Preview

Night of Fairies Dance - Fairies gather at midnight in the middle of the forrest to enchant with dance. Cute and gorcious animations. Tender music and sparkles. Very romantic saver. Matching wallpaper available. Enjoy DF

Oak Fairy Preview

Oak Fairy - Matching animated screensaver to desktop theme, hotbar, IE toolbar, winamp and wallpaper.

Secret Fairies Garden Preview

Secret Fairies Garden - a lot of gorcious, cute and breathtaking fairies meet in an enchanted garden.

Fairies Forrest Preview

Fairies Forrest - animated Fairies, and Unicorn and things with great music in an enchanted Forrest. Matching Wallpaper available. Enjoy DF

Serenity Rock Preview

Serenity Rock - I really love this it looks dynomite on the desktop, its a very low key lake applet

Forrest Enchanted Preview

Forrest Enchanted - Enchanted Forrest with Fearies, spiders and other animals. Cute Music. Matching Wallpaper available.

Strawberry Fantasy Fairy Preview

Strawberry Fantasy Fairy - This Pretty Strawberry Fairy Is Looking For A Home On Your Desktop. She Can Make All Your Dreams Come True.

Flutterbye Fairy Preview

Flutterbye Fairy - A Fairy that thinks she`s a butterfly, the song Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground by Willie Nelson is the backgound music,in this slideshow with wonderfull effects saver

Dream Weavers Preview

Dream Weavers - There Is A Land That Most Believe Is One Of Make Believe. One Where Fairies Dwell. A Place So Beautiful...A Sky So Blue Filled With Rainbows And The Sparkles Of Each Passing Fairy. In This Magical Place You, See The Fairies Spend Their Days Weaving Your Dreams And Hoping That They All Come True. Complete With User Adjustable Beautiful Soundtrack.

Pretty Fairy Saver Preview

Pretty Fairy Saver - A cute saver that contains 12 images of faries. Saver has many display options. Matches my theme Pink Fairy.

Blueberry Falls Preview

Blueberry Falls - There Is A Magical Place At The End Of The Earth Known As Blueberry Falls. Fairies Can Be Seen Flying Over The Glorious and Brilliant Blueberry Falls As They Start Their Journeys To Grant Your Wishes. Have A Seat Under The Tree At The Foot Of Blueberry Falls And Listen To The Beautiful Music and The Relaxing Sounds Of Blueberry Falls And All Its Magic and Beauty. A Matching Wallpaper Is Also Available. ~ Lady Di

Reflection Falls Preview

Reflection Falls - Full Of Wonder, Full Of Beauty, Reflection Falls Is A Magical Place. Completely Adjustable Soft anf Gentle Music Plays In This Water Saver. Matching Wallpaper Also Available. ~ Lady Di

Fantasy Fairy Playground Preview

Fantasy Fairy Playground - Deep In The Forest There Is A Beautiful Magical Place Known As The Fairy Playground. Fairies Come From All Around To Play In This Beautiful Magical Kingdom. Matching Wallpaper Is Also Available ~ Lady Di

Sparkling Elfes transp. Preview

Sparkling Elfes transp. - This lovely transparent screensaver cont. a song and flying,animated files.Have Fun

Sparkling Beauties transp. Preview

Sparkling Beauties transp. - This nice screensaver cont. a song and sparkling,flying animations.Have Fun

Sparkling Beauties02 transp. Preview

Sparkling Beauties02 transp. - This nice screensaver cont. a song and sparkling,flying animations.Have Fun

Blossom Rest Preview

Blossom Rest - Lovely Spring blossoms with a touch of the faerie bloom beautifully to bring you a breath of fresh air. Desktop theme, wallpaper and a wonderful screensaver with animated fairies and butterflies are all available for you.

Frolicking Fairies Preview

Frolicking Fairies - Fairies frolic and lounge upon your desktop A unique transparent screensaver with music included (midi renditions of renaissance music for the lute by John Dowland). Created for 1024x768 screen resolution; 800x600 version also available (See Frolicking Fairies #2) Best of all, its freeware Full version available now

Frolicking Fairies #2 Preview

Frolicking Fairies #2 - Fairies frolic and lounge upon your desktop A unique transparent screensaver with music included (midi renditions of renaissance music for the lute by John Dowland). Created for 800x600 screen resolution; 1024x768 version also available (See the other Frolicking Fairies listing.) Best of all, its freeware Full version available now

Fairy Home Preview

Fairy Home - A little winged fairy floats around the outside of a working clock. Free for 3 days. Registration on my site. Matching theme and wallpaper available.

Magical and Mystical Make Believe Preview

Magical and Mystical Make Believe - In this land of make believe of Fairies, Unicorns, Angels and Exotic Places anything can happen. Its a place where our imaginations can soar. Magic is a special place we all understand. Over 100 quality images set to magical music by Yanni and others. State of the art special effects and graphics. Fully customizable. FREEWARE-Donations Only. Created by Lady Di

Fairy for St Pats Day Preview

Fairy for St Pats Day - Pretty little fairies, shamrocks and sparkles float around for St. Patricks day. An animated saver with mutable music.

from the garden Preview

from the garden - a special friend in switzerland has sent me some marvelous pictures. thanks daniela. fairies have stopped to rest on their journey to enjoy the view and what a view it is. many animations and great music. hope you will enjoy it.

the blue rose fairy Preview

the blue rose fairy - a fairy celebrates valentines day in blue. a bit of fantasy for this special day of love. many, many animations and beautiful music. hope you will enjoy it.

Real Secret Garden SS Preview

Real Secret Garden SS - Bouncing, vanishing, fairies, fluttering butterflies and mutable music in this small saver.

Free screensaver preview. Wild Growth Enchantment free screensaver and matching desktop theme.
download Wild Growth Screensaver
Free screensaver preview. Violets screensaver uses my most popular graphics effect. Free screensaver with images transforming and revealing themselves into each other creating a relaxing yet interesting effect. Violets has a matching desktop theme and is one of my most downloaded screensavers every week.
download Violets Screensaver
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