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Funny Screensavers
Singing Spring Peas Preview

Singing Spring Peas - Something new and unique for your desktop. Singing Spring Peas. Watch and listen as they keep harmony with one another in this funny flash based screensaver. Matching wallpaper is also available. ~ Lady Di

Front Gardens Scenarios Preview

Front Gardens Scenarios - Freeware. See this cute bugs and dwarfs on the screen. Very funny animations with great music. Very cute and relaxing to look at. I am sure I see you smile looking at this one.

Poohs Popcorn Xmas Preview

Poohs Popcorn Xmas - Pooh and his friends are decorating the tree with lots of Popcorn with lots of fun.Cont.a song and funny flying objects.There is also a theme3logos and hotbar available.

50Cent  Nelly Preview

50Cent Nelly - Here are TWO RAPPERS in one SCREEN SAVER!Two of the most popular rappers right now Nelly and 50Cent!It looks best on 800 x 600.I have 20 pictures of 50Cent while in the background his song Hate it or Love it plays!Then I have 20 pictures of Nelly while his song Errtime plays I even have a pic. of him and the cast of the awsome and funny movie The Longest Yard!Enjoy!=)

Kitty Halloween Party Preview

Kitty Halloween Party - Kitty invited some of their friends to gather for the ultimate Halloween Party. Monster play instruments, a mummy is dancing, a witch, another ghost and funny animations. Great matching music. Matching Wallpper available. Enjoy DF

Mars Dance Party Preview

Mars Dance Party - Mars has invited to a big party. Aliens dance and groove all over the planet. Cool music and funny animations. Matching Wallpaper available. Enjoy DF

hows your coffee Preview

hows your coffee - a lighthearted look at the pleasures of coffee.

Chicken Party Preview

Chicken Party - Fried egg with some crazy chicken dancing ....

Anti Stress Kit Preview

Anti Stress Kit - Oh my,hopefully all Ebayers out there forgive me now,but I could not resist.Cont.the orig.Song from Al and animations.Belongs to my theme3logos and hotbar.Have Fun

Squirrels Preview

Squirrels - There are 13 great pictures of Squirrels in the fields, on trees, eating some nuts, and also some flying squirrels for you to enjoy. Music is the very funny song by Jeff Foxworth, Mississippi Squirrel Revival. Enjoy Darlene.

The Miracle Preview

The Miracle - So cute,5 baby pigs all wrapped in a striped fur and lying on their Tiger Mum.Cont. a song.Screensaver and belongs to my theme and 3 logos.There is also a hotbar available.

Grassy XP Preview

Grassy XP - Grassy XP screensaver cont. a song and funny animations.There is also a theme,3logos and hotbar available.

Funny Nightmare Preview

Funny Nightmare - Whenever this poor man wants to catch some sleep her starts walking.Well,screensaver cont. a song and animations.There is also a theme,3 logos,hotbar and screensaver available

First Mouse on Mars Preview

First Mouse on Mars - Well,this is realy a funny thing that 1st.Mouse on Mars.Cont. a song and funny animations.There is also a theme,3 logos and hotbar available.

 Angel Minnie Mouse Preview

Angel Minnie Mouse - Adorable Minnie seems to be dreaming.Cont. a song and funny animations.Screensaver belongs to my theme,3 logos and hotbar.

Disney Teenies Preview

Disney Teenies - Just a normal school day for Disney Teenies.Cont. a song and funny animations.There is also a theme,3logos and hotbar available.

Funny Smilies transp. Preview

Funny Smilies transp. - This funny screensaver cont. a song and animated,flying objects.Transparent.

Laura`s Star Preview

Laura`s Star - This adorable screensaver cont. a song,funny animations and belongs to my theme,3logos and hotbar.Have a nice day.

Makin Faces Preview

Makin Faces - A fun little saver for those times when you just feel like makin faces at the world.

Krazy Kat Preview

Krazy Kat - A Real Cat Is Inside Your Monitor Licking The Backside Of Your Screen! This Is Very Realistic and Unusual. Not Your Ordinary Screensaver. This is a Absolute MUST HAVE! Amaze Anyone Who Sees It. Top Quality and Very Small File Size. Everyone Can Enjoy. Lets Keep Those Monitors Clean! ENJOY ~ Lady Di

16th Century Insults SS Preview

16th Century Insults SS - Insults from Shakespeares time for your desktop. Mutable period music.

The Cats Meow Preview

The Cats Meow - Hilarious Cartoon Screensaver featuring Garfield and Various Cartoon Cats. Funny and Entertaining, Suitable for Everyone. Six Matching Wallpapers Available, Download the entire series. Created by Lady Di

Office Attitudes Preview

Office Attitudes - This FREE screensaver takes a humorous look at the daily 9-5 grind and the world we live in. Includes 4 songs to help you make it through even the longest of days. Created by Lady Di ~ Enjoy!

Bumper Stickers 1.0 Preview

Bumper Stickers 1.0 - Enjoy the view of an old, cool Ford Hotrod while extremely funny bumper stickers fade in and out. Awesome intro. Cool music - turn off or on. Free $500 Las Vegas spree inside.

Its Maxine Preview

Its Maxine - Its that Crabby, Opininated, Grouchy Old Lady We Can All Relate To Sometimes. Enjoy ~ Lady Di

John Kerry as Super Chicken Preview

John Kerry as Super Chicken - This screensaver portrays John Kerry (you know the guy that ran for President) as Super Chicken. It is all to the Super Chicken theme song. You cant help but laugh. Well, maybe the two John Boys wont.

Abbott & Costello Preview

Abbott & Costello - Bud and Lou were two of the funniest guys around in their time. They still make us laugh. Lots of great stills in this screensaver. Get the desktop theme also. Who’s on first

Manatees Preview

Manatees - They are funny looking sea creatures and they are the background for this animated saver that puts the under ocean on you desktop

Why Oh My Preview

Why Oh My - Well,what to say,except have fun!This cute screensaver cont. a funny song and animations.Also has a theme,3 logos and hotbar.

Tai Chi Preview

Tai Chi - This is realy a cute screensaver with a song and great animations.Also has a theme,3 logos and hotbar.So,calm down and keep on trying.

Star Mess ScreenSaver Preview

Star Mess ScreenSaver - Funny colorful stars flying across the screen in elegant starry dance. Their behavior is unpredictable and can cause our mind to become clear. Positive energy radiated from your desktop will fill your heart and softly rise your spirits.

The Gelinis Preview

The Gelinis - No,they are not Jelly Beans but even sweeter.The saver cont. a funny song and adorable animations.Matches my theme,3logos and hotbar.Have Fun.

Just Another Word Preview

Just Another Word - Mom is just another word for Love.This adorable saver cont.many,funny animations,the way life is.Also a compl. song.It belongs to my theme,3 logos and hotbar.

Round Tuit Preview

Round Tuit - Everyone needs one. You know that thing that you need. You will do something when you get A Round Tuit. Bouncing round tuits and mutable music in this tiny transparent saver.

Funny Worms Preview

Funny Worms - After starting this program you will see thousands of colored worms, fancy crawling on the screen and eating the surface of your desktop.

Free screensaver preview. Lost screensaver and desktop theme. Vivid cubes tumble on your desktop to create amazing art. Has a unique desktop theme.
download Lost in a Fractal Screensaver
Free screensaver preview. Appleblosom free screensaver and Summer Breeze desktop theme. Appleblossom screensaver uses my most popular graphics effect. The 3D images transform and reveal themselves into each other creating a relaxing yet interesting effect. Summer Breeze image is used for the matching desktop theme.
download Appleblossom Screensaver
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