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Gothic Screensavers
Dungeon of the Dammed Preview

Dungeon of the Dammed - A dark dungeon that imprisons lost souls of the dead that have committed great crimes. Thus they are dammed to the dungeon for all eternity.

Blue Hearts SS Preview

Blue Hearts SS - Spinning blue hearts against a blue Gothic mansion background and mutable Bolero music.

Grave Robber Preview

Grave Robber - Isn`t the devil just the ugliest thing you ever saw, yuck,anyway the saver has three spinning , twirling cubes pf the wallpaper and spooky background music

Night Views 2 HALLOWEEN OUTGROWN Preview

Night Views 2 HALLOWEEN OUTGROWN - 13 Dark and extremely violent Gothic images, true horror not intended for the easily frightened, but for those who understand this culture. No music, for death makes no noise. Designed for 1024 x 768 desktops. Freeware, for those who dare. An evil display for your Halloween desktop.

Haunted House by RatPlanet Preview

Haunted House by RatPlanet - Fully animated Haunted House screensaver with mutable sound. The ultimate spooky enhancement for your Halloween or Gothic desktop. FREEWARE from the creator of the Beach Lovers Supreme screensaver.

Dracula-Bram Stoker Preview

Dracula-Bram Stoker - The Count has arrived at Carfax Estate from his native Transylvania and is in search of fresh blood. Lots of pics in this slideshow from the movie. What beautiful music they make...the children of the night.

Nights Light of Faces Demo V1 Preview

Nights Light of Faces Demo V1 - These are abstract paintings of unseen worlds that may depict ghostly faces and spirit formations.

Scary you away Preview

Scary you away - Horror screensaver in a cemetery,includes sound.

7art Mask ScreenSaver Preview

7art Mask ScreenSaver - 23 images of bizarre masquerade masks in outstanding slideshow with various transition effects. The masks can disguise us in the fabulous flow of life. Let the masquerade begins with 7art Mask screen saver!

Churchyard Preview

Churchyard - See the gargoyle hounds at home in their yard by their church, where else The cast of characters is long in this Flash screensaver, including eagles, hummingbirds and a ringed planet. Theme available separately.

From Hell Preview

From Hell - Screensaver from the movie From Hell.

Willard SS Preview

Willard SS - Tear...Tear...Tear It Up.... Willard gets even.

Classic Pinball Machines Preview

Classic Pinball Machines - Classic Pinball Machines includes Elvira, Star Trek, No Fear, Terminator 2, Captain Fantastic, Taxi and more. Multi transition multi image screen saver. Free for Windows 95-XP. Best if viewed in 800 X 600 screen resolutions.

Night Views Preview

Night Views - 10 Original dark and gothic works of poetry displayed on a bizarre assortment of backgrounds. Bonus short story included in the file. Not for happy campers.

Haunted Gothic Mansion Preview

Haunted Gothic Mansion - Watch as Bats, Ghosts Skeletons fly at you. Be sure to Duck. Grand Finale of 3D skeleton dance.

The Church of SLAPPY Preview

The Church of SLAPPY - Show your faith to your new god with The Church of SLAPPY official screensaver, includes gothic organ music and flames.

Fool Moon Preview

Fool Moon - This screensaver is based on the second book of The Dresden Files, FOOL MOON, by Jim Butcher. There is lots of creepy organ music as the night comes in and blood drips down the window sill. The book will be published in January 2001.

Koudelka Preview

Koudelka - Koudelka from the game Koudelka. Nice screensaver. Even if you do not know the game, if you like dark gothic/horror stuff you will like this screensaver. Visit my site for icons, cursors, fonts and other video game stuff

Free screensaver preview. India 3D images are named after abstract art from India. Free screensaver made of beautiful images that break into pieces and fly away along with the music. A matching desktop theme is available.
download India Screensaver
Free screensaver preview. This screensaver includes several beautiful paintings by Kagaya.
download Kagaya Screensaver
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