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Halloween Screensavers
Happy Moonlight Thanksgiving Preview

Happy Moonlight Thanksgiving - Happy Thanksgiving. Ducks fly by and a turkey is on the screen. Falling leaves a witch and some pumpkins. Have a happy Thanksgiving. Great Sound. Matching Wallpaper available. Enjoy DF

Witching Hour Preview

Witching Hour - A wicked saver for Halloween of witches casting an incantation. Contains floating bats and ghosts, and a midi of Black Magic Woman. Background made up of components found at Renderosity.

Ghost Beach Preview

Ghost Beach - Matching animated screensaver to desktop theme, hotbar, IE toolbar, winamp and wallpaper.

Halloween Garden Party Preview

Halloween Garden Party - Come to party with all the ghosties and goblins. Tons of animations in the screensaver, we’re having a Monster Mash, so y’all come.

stormy halloween Preview

stormy halloween - a stormy night for halloween. maybe ya better stay home...many animations and the sounds of a storm approaching.this is scary. hope you will enjoy it.

halloween orange Preview

halloween orange - a great fun saver for halloween. orange pumpkins, an orange cat, a few witches and even some spooky eyes looking at you. many, many animations and a great halloween midi. fun for all ages. hope you will enjoy it.

Mickeys Halloween Haunt Preview

Mickeys Halloween Haunt - Mickey floats up and down as flashing pumpkins bounce around on a semi-transparent background to the MiDi This Is Halloween.Has matching wallpaper.

Pumpkin Window Preview

Pumpkin Window - Matching animated screensaver to desktop theme, hotbar, IE toolbar, winamp and wallpaper.

Rainbow on a Country Lake Preview

Rainbow on a Country Lake - A lake deep in the country with lot of plants. A bunch of animals like birds, butterflies, a beaver, lizard, horse, ducks, horse well just have a look yourself. Great music of Forrest Gump. Matching Wallpaper available. Enjoy DF

halloween is fun Preview

halloween is fun - its pumpkin time. happy ghosts and smiling pumpkins. a great combination for a halloween full of fun and good times. many, many animations and a bouncy halloween midi. hope you will enjoy it.

Happy Halloween Animated Screensaver with Dreadful Music Preview

Happy Halloween Animated Screensaver with Dreadful Music - Have a Happy Halloween with this Halloween Screensaver featuring a real haunted house, dreadful pumpkin and flying witches.

Halloween Water Globe 2 Preview

Halloween Water Globe 2 - A water globe of a Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween. No need to shake this one!! Happy Halloween!!

Lazy Bones Preview

Lazy Bones - This bagga bones carved one pumpkin and he`s pooped, I guess they don`t make spooks like they used too, saver has floating squares and spooky background music

Halloween Pumkins Lit Up Preview

Halloween Pumkins Lit Up - Animated Carved Halloween pumpkins with flames inside moving around screen on transparent background.

Halloween Water Globe Preview

Halloween Water Globe - A screensaver of a Halloween Water Globe with bats as snow. Dont shake this one too hard!!

Bad Moon Rising Preview

Bad Moon Rising - Matching animated screensaver to desktop theme, hotbar, IE toolbar, winamp and wallpaper.

3D Spooky Halloween Screensaver Preview

3D Spooky Halloween Screensaver - The Moon is full! Spooky Halloween is here! Haunted house in the woods invites you for a visit. There is something going on inside as you see sparks of magic fire shooting out of the chimney. Are you brave enough to trick or treat around this place

 Halloween Monsters Preview

Halloween Monsters - This is a great screen saver with 12 different pictures of Skeletons, Grim Reaper, Headless Horseman, Bats and the Wolfman. Music, Phantasm. Hope you have a wonderful and Spooky Halloween, Wally.

Trick Or Treat Preview

Trick Or Treat - Trick or treat! The darkening hour brings on a growing Shadow power. Have a Happy Halloween with this ANIMATED screensaver and watch the skeletons, ghosts and witches fly across your screen. Trick or treat! Will you be there when Midnights toll rings through the air.

Frightful Halloween Preview

Frightful Halloween - Celebrate this Halloween season with this saver that has 14 great pictures of Mummys, Witches, and lots of Skeletons. Music by Enya, X Files. Have a great Halloween, Darlene.

Boo II SS Preview

Boo II SS - Creepy sounds, lightning, thunder, orange rain, real time clock and flashing boo all in thus small saver.

the ancient home Preview

the ancient home - perhaps this is the ancient home of halloween. not a place for trick or treating. many, many animations and a very scary midi to accompany you as you explore the ancient home..

Pooh Halloween Fun Preview

Pooh Halloween Fun - Dressed up Pooh characters float up and down on a spooky cloud background to the MiDi This Is Halloween.Has matching Wallpaper.

ABCs of Halloween Preview

ABCs of Halloween - An adorable slide show screensaver of the ABCs of Halloween by Patricia Reeder Eubank.

Ghostly Halloween Gathering Preview

Ghostly Halloween Gathering - The ghost have all gather together to have a great Halloween party in this saver with 12 ghostly pictures. Music, Ghostbusters. Hope you have a wonderful Halloween, Jeanie.

Spooky Moonlight Halloween Preview

Spooky Moonlight Halloween - Great scenery. A loneley tree and the full moon. In front a cemetary with spooky things going on. Lot of animations and great sound. Matching wallpaper available. Enjoy DF.

Spooks And Kooks Preview

Spooks And Kooks - Spooks And Kooks saver has a total of 7 different scenes. Scary sounds and scenes like spiders on your screen. A must see for the Halloween enthusiast!

Boo Happy Halloween Preview

Boo Happy Halloween - This is a fun filled saver with 13 great pictures of ghost, witches, pumpkins black cats and Tweety Bird. Music, Ghostbusters. Hope you have a wonderful and spooky Halloween, Wally.

Halloween Scares Preview

Halloween Scares - You never know what will be out and about on Halloween night, so yall stay safe and take care out there. Desktop theme, screensaver and a couple of wallpapers are all available.

Cemetary Night Preview

Cemetary Night - There`s nothing spookier then a cemetary, especially on Halloween Eve, this saver has floating Jack-o-lanterns and spooky background music

werewolf rituals Preview

werewolf rituals - a night of strange events. werewolves have gathered for the rituals of halloween. many. many animations and a very spooky midi. hope you will enjoy it.

Free screensaver preview. Wild Growth Enchantment free screensaver and matching desktop theme.
download Wild Growth Screensaver
Free screensaver preview. Violets screensaver uses my most popular graphics effect. Free screensaver with images transforming and revealing themselves into each other creating a relaxing yet interesting effect. Violets has a matching desktop theme and is one of my most downloaded screensavers every week.
download Violets Screensaver
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