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Pegasus Wallpaper
Mystical Wings Preview

Mystical Wings - What a beautiful and tender painting by artist Penny Parker. This white Pegasus and her baby are flying in front of a full moon passed a castle. Enjoy Jeanie.

Mystical Wings 1024x768 Preview

Mystical Wings 1024x768 - What a beautiful and tender painting by artist Penny Parker. This white Pegasus and her baby are flying in front of a full moon passed a castle. Enjoy Jeanie.

Enchanted Paradise Fantasy Preview

Enchanted Paradise Fantasy - Beautiful Fantasy Paradise Where Fairies, Unicorns and Pegasus Gather. Escape To This Magical Paradise Where The Waters Glisten and The Sky Sparkles. The Flowers and Butterflies Shine With Lovely Iridescent Colors. Adjustable Soundtrack is Titled Fantasy Tune. ~ Lady Di

Disney-Hercules Preview

Disney-Hercules - As the son of the king of the gods, Hercules must battle a series of monsters sent by Hades. With the help of Philoctetes and Pegasus, Hercules becomes a hero. What makes Hercules a real hero is his self-sacrifice for Megara, the woman he loves. 1024 and 800 sizes.

Pegasus Phantasm Preview

Pegasus Phantasm - This Glorious Mythical Pegasus With His Golden Mane Soars The Skies Day and Night With His Beautiful Mistress In Search Of Paradise. There Seems To Be No Such Place.

Pegasus 1024x768 Preview

Pegasus 1024x768 - This is a very nice picture of Pegasus the flying horse, rearing up in the air, as the golden sun sets in the background. Enjoy Darlene.

Pegasus Preview

Pegasus - This is a very nice picture of Pegasus the flying horse, rearing up in the air, as the golden sun sets in the background. Enjoy Darlene.

Rainbow Chateau In The Clouds Preview

Rainbow Chateau In The Clouds - A Chateau Floats High Amonst The Clouds Shrouded By A Beautiful Rainbow. This Is A Magical Place Where Pegasus and Unicorns Play.

Rescue Me Preview

Rescue Me - A angel praying for the pegasus to rescue her

Pegasus Paradox Preview

Pegasus Paradox - Is The Pegasus Fact or Fiction.... Many Believe They Are Make-Believe. But, There Is A Realm Where The Pegasus Runs Free, His Magical Spirit And Beauty Continues In Our Hearts And Dreams. A Matching IE Toolbar Is Also Avaialable. ~ Sweet Dream ~ Lady Di

Pegasus Fantasy Preview

Pegasus Fantasy - Animated sparkle Pegasus globe.Has matching screensaver.

Pegasus And Unicorn 1024x768 Preview

Pegasus And Unicorn 1024x768 - This is a beautiful painting by artist Sue Dawe. On this star filled night a Unicorn and a Pegasus come to gether, to share a very special kiss. Enjoy Jeanie

Purple Pegasus Persuasion Preview

Purple Pegasus Persuasion - Brilliant and Colorful Glowing Purple Pegasus Flying Though The Midnight Blue Skies. 1024x768 ~ ENJOY ~ Lady Di

flighttoeturnity Preview

flighttoeturnity - Best viewed at 1024x768 true color, Hope you enjoy it.

Celestial Storms Preview

Celestial Storms - Proud Pegasus stands against a stormy fractal background, and prepares to do battle with the elements.

fantasywp Preview

fantasywp - made by me

Fly To The Moon Preview

Fly To The Moon - I just love this, it looks sooooo great on the desktop, there is a matching saver and winamp to this paper

Fly Me To The Moon Preview

Fly Me To The Moon - I just love this,it looks soooo great on the desktop

Sunny Pegasus Preview

Sunny Pegasus - Brighten your life and your desktop with this wallpaper of golden Pegasus, sure to warm a cold winters day. Desktop theme, screensaver and wallpaper all available.

FlyingPegasus Preview

FlyingPegasus - A pretty wallpaper of waterfalls, with a flying golden pegasus in front of them...My creation...Enjoy!

Sprinkles Preview

Sprinkles - Pretty fairy and proud Pegasus are sprinkling magic dust on your desktop.

Pegasus Dream Preview

Pegasus Dream - My favorite Mystic Creature.

Pegasus Preview

Pegasus - There sooo much written and sooo many pictures done of the beautiful unicorn that I decided that the Pegasus has been neglected so i decided to do a Pegasus picture

Dream Fantasy Active Preview

Dream Fantasy Active - This wallpaper has a float applet. Artist unknown. It has a matching theme available. Comes with easy install instructions.

Flight to Aquarius Preview

Flight to Aquarius - Wallpaper to theme of same name has matching hotbar, IE toolbar, and winamp.

Pegasus in Gold Preview

Pegasus in Gold - Pretty pegasus in a flight of golden fancy. Theme, screensaver and wallpaper all available

Golden Flight Preview

Golden Flight - Golden Pegasus flies from a fantastic fractal. An original by Irene wallpaper. Theme also available.

Happy B Day Preview

Happy B Day - This ones for my lovely grandaughter, Vanessa, on her birthday. Pegasus will bring you birthday greetings, with much love.

My Blue Heaven 2 Preview

My Blue Heaven 2 - One of the wallpapers from My Blue Heaven screensaver. This one has lots of lovely flying horses for you.

My Blue Heaven Preview

My Blue Heaven - Beautiful fantasy world to make you wish you could go there for a bit. I know I want to visit it. Screensaver and theme available.

pink_pegasus_moon Preview

pink_pegasus_moon - Pretty pink pegasus...Babydolphin95

purple_peg Preview

purple_peg - simple purple pegasus...enjoy...Babydolphin95

Free screensaver preview. Opal Callista free screensaver has beautiful images break into pieces and fly away creating a relaxing and interesting 3D effect. Has a very unique desktop theme available.
download Opal Calista Screensaver
Free screensaver preview. Fractangles free screensaver has 3 dimensional cubes that tumble across your screen and build a beautiful image along with the music. The matching desktop theme is one of my favorite due to it
download Fractangles Screensaver
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