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Spring Screensavers
The Easter Egg Hunt Preview

The Easter Egg Hunt - Its A Beautiful Spring Day For This Easter Egg Hunt With Plenty Of Brightly Colored and Sparkly Easter Eggs To Be Found. Can You Find Them All FREEWARE ~ Lady Di

Springs Eternal Preview

Springs Eternal - It is a time of beginnings, when the earth is rich with fresh green tendrils and the world is balanced on the cusp of a new season. Moving and rippling water effects in this ANIMATED screensaver. Matching desktop theme and wallpaper also available. It is an auspicious time to make new plans and celebrate the return of the golden light of the sun.

Singing Spring Peas Preview

Singing Spring Peas - Something new and unique for your desktop. Singing Spring Peas. Watch and listen as they keep harmony with one another in this funny flash based screensaver. Matching wallpaper is also available. ~ Lady Di

Country Colors Preview

Country Colors - Spring is here at long last! Vist a charming spring cottage with beautiful country colors. Saver has soft rain effect and real nature sounds. Matches my theme by the same name.

Emerald Isle Cottage Preview

Emerald Isle Cottage - Hidden by curtains of the night, ready to catch first ray of light. So much beauty, please let it be, my joy, this emerald isle to see. Soothing rippling lake effect in this ANIMATED screensaver. Matching desktop theme, wallpaper, Messenger skin and Winamp skin also available. Lush, green grass with smell so sweet and springy touch beneath the feet. Majestic and proud, Mountains of Mourn, pink grey tints in light of dawn.

Field of Spring Preview

Field of Spring - Freeware. Awesome Field of Spring lots of Flowers, animals, fairies and other great animations. Got to see this. Awesome music one of my favorites by Forrest Gump goes along. Sit back

Spring Fling Screen Saver Preview

Spring Fling Screen Saver - Tiny colorful Hummingbirds floating up and across a beautiful background! Music is included, but may be muted. Matching Active Wallpaper is also available. Freeware.

House Front of Charme Preview

House Front of Charme - Freeware. Look at this chraming house front. Very cute animal and plant animations all over the screen. I love to look at it and dream of the upcoming spring. Nice smooth and charming music brandunburg concerto

Mountain of the Golden Eagle Preview

Mountain of the Golden Eagle - Wp background by Albert Bierstadt. This is a water saver and settings are adjustable. Beautiful golden eagle mates and their offspring in the nest by a gorgeous mountain scene.

Bird of Spring Preview

Bird of Spring - Freeware. Look at this cute bird in animated rain. Great Music.

A Hint Of Spring Screen Saver Preview

A Hint Of Spring Screen Saver - Original screen saver by Shar of The Penniless Prophet. A beautiful, originally modified, royalty free floral and lake photograph with 3D water illusions along with soft new age music. 1024 x 768 and 800 x 600 compatable. Enjoy!

1 A Flower Fantasia Preview

1 A Flower Fantasia - Put some beauty and magic on your desktop and in your life with this lusciously lovely flower. A MUST HAVE for all of us who adore flowers, and sure to bring you a breath of spring. Add this one

Rainbow Gardens Preview

Rainbow Gardens - Old time flower market with a charming horse drawn cart and a Victorian dressed couple. Makes you think about spring. Saver has animated flowres. Can be musted. Matches my theme by the same name.

Silver Springs Screen Saver Preview

Silver Springs Screen Saver - Original screen saver by Shar of The Penniless Prophet. Includes a beautiful, originally modified royalty free waterfall and river photograph with 3D water illusions along with whimsicle new age music. 1024 x 768 and 800 x 600 compatable. Enjoy!

Snow Birds Preview

Snow Birds - Five beautiful birds sitting on a pine branch waiting for Spring as the snow gently falls all around them. The optional music is Bear Camp.

Simpsons Animated Preview

Simpsons Animated - Can life get any better for Homer the bowler and beer drinker, Marge the happy homemaker, Bart the underachiever and troublemaker, Lisa the intellectual and Maggie the precocious baby in Springfield. Dozens of great animations in this fun screensaver. Two desktop themes, two Messenger skins and a Winamp skin also available. DOH!

Desert Imperfections Perfection Preview

Desert Imperfections Perfection - See the unbelivable beauty of spring in the Sonora Desert. A transitional slideshow of many pictures of lovely flowers blooming in the desert, with original art and music by Arlene, who has made us this smashing screensaver. You must NOT miss this one, I tell you true.

Charming Springtime Cottage Preview

Charming Springtime Cottage - This Wonderful Print Of A Charming Springtime Country Cottage by Nicky Boehme Comes To Life In This Animated Screensaver With Butterflies and Birds. The Soothing Waters Of The Creek Gently Flow. Pretty Music and Sounds Of Nature Are Completely Adjustable. A Matching Wallpaper and IE Toolbar Are Also Available. ~ Lady Di

Roses and More Preview

Roses and More - A beautiful bridal bouquet of lovely roses and more for your desktop. This is so pretty you can catch the scent every time you turn on your computer. Desktop theme, animated screensaver with mutable music, and wallpaper are all available. A smashing Spring or Summer enhancement for you.

Power to the Flowers Preview

Power to the Flowers - Put the power of flowers on your desktop. Beautiful for spring, summer or just any ole time you need a bit of a lift. These lovely flowers will do it for you. Desktop theme, original wallpaper by Irene, an animated screensaver with mutable music and a great little OE stationery are all available for your downloading pleasure.

Just Spring Preview

Just Spring - This screensaver is just right to welcome spring.Cont. a song and animations.There is also a theme,3 logos and hotbar available.

HibiscusMOD Preview

HibiscusMOD - Pretty Hibiscus flowers of all colors to grace your

Tender Spring Preview

Tender Spring - This soft and beauftiful screensaver cont. a song and animation.There ist also a theme,3 logos and hotbar.

Bringing May Flowers Preview

Bringing May Flowers - Matching rain effect screensaver to desktop theme, hotbar, IE toolbar, winamp and wallpaper.

Spring Flower Preview

Spring Flower - This great screensavers cont. animations and a song.Belongs to my theme,3 logos and hotbar.

Daffy Gold Preview

Daffy Gold - Golden bright daffodil to brighten up your day. Desktop theme, wallpaper, and an animated screensaver with tons of daffys, butterflies and even some sparkles to help you celebrate the coming of Springtime are all available.

Flooded Pansies Preview

Flooded Pansies - My mother loved pansies above all flowers, so this one is for you, Mom. Beautiful blue pansies reflecting in quiet water make this one a winner. Desktop theme, original wallpaper by Irene, and an animated screensaver with falling flowers and rising bubbles with lovely mutable music are all here for your downloading pleasure this Spring.

Blossom Rest Preview

Blossom Rest - Lovely Spring blossoms with a touch of the faerie bloom beautifully to bring you a breath of fresh air. Desktop theme, wallpaper and a wonderful screensaver with animated fairies and butterflies are all available for you.

Springtime Kitty Preview

Springtime Kitty - A sweet Persian kiity with pretty springtime flowers. Saver includes kittys in springtime settings. Has many transitions and also plays music. Matches my theme by the same name.

Springtime Buzz Preview

Springtime Buzz - The Bees, Frogs, Crickets, Ants and Butterflies Are All Celebrating The Coming Of Spring In This Animated Cartoon Screensaver With State Of The Art Digital Soundtrack. It Is Not Just For The Kids. The Young and Old Alike Will Enjoy This Video Presentation. This Is Much Much More Than A Screensaver. And is Completely Customizable For Optimum Performance On Your PC.

1 Spring Magic Preview

1 Spring Magic - Put the magic of Springtime on your desktop with this lovely wallpaper full of magic. From flower to beautiful, shining fairies, this one has all the things to make your Spring delightful. Desktop theme, original wallpaper by Irene, and an animated screensaver with tons of sparklies and a butterfly or two are all available for you.

Brilliant Butterflies Preview

Brilliant Butterflies - Bright and bold, these rainbowed butterflies are sure to brighten up the gloomiest Spring day. Original wallpaper by Irene, desktop theme, and a cheery little animated screensaver with flying butterflies and some color changing ones, too, and with wonderful mutable music. Spring or Summer, if you are a butterfly person, check this out.

Flowers Showers 2 Preview

Flowers Showers 2 - Animated version of Flower Showers with flowers falling, butterflies flying and with mutable music. Perfect for your Spring or your Summer desktop.

Springtime Flutters Preview

Springtime Flutters - These lovely pink tulips will set your desktop all aglow this Spring. Beautiful desktop theme, animated screensaver with pretty butterflies, and the original wallpaper by Irene are all available to dress up your desktop.

Free screensaver preview. Opal Callista free screensaver has beautiful images break into pieces and fly away creating a relaxing and interesting 3D effect. Has a very unique desktop theme available.
download Opal Calista Screensaver
Free screensaver preview. Fractangles free screensaver has 3 dimensional cubes that tumble across your screen and build a beautiful image along with the music. The matching desktop theme is one of my favorite due to it
download Fractangles Screensaver
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