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Thanksgiving Screensavers
Thanksgiving Sunrise SS Preview

Thanksgiving Sunrise SS - Simple silent little saver with flashing Happy Thanksgiving against a sunrise deer background.

Turkeys In The Wild Preview

Turkeys In The Wild - This great saver has 13 paintings of Turkeys that live in the wild. Matching theme Turkeys In The Wild was posted separately. Music, Turkey Straw. Enjoy Wally.

Christmas Dreams! Preview

Christmas Dreams! - Here is a holiday screen saver made for Christmas which is coming up soon so I thought I should make one for the holiday and plus I LOVE CHRISTMAS!It looks best at 1024 x 768!And I have 2 christmas songs that go perfectly with it!I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and A great Thanksgiving!Enjoy!

Hungry Yet Preview

Hungry Yet - Are you hungry yet The sight of all this lovely food floating on your desktop will make your mouth water for true. Trasparent to go over all your Thanksgiving wallpapers. Grab this one from Arlene while you can.

Thanksgiving Still Life Preview

Thanksgiving Still Life - Now I don`t usually like still lifes but I really love this one... Saver has floating Happy Thanksgiving notes and you might even see a turkey....HAPPY THANKSGIVING from the Themes Shed

Thanksgiving Kids Preview

Thanksgiving Kids - Pilgrim and Indian kids float up and down on a transparent background to the MiDi Over The River.

Thanksgiving Happiness Preview

Thanksgiving Happiness - This fun filled saver has 12 cute pictures of reasons you could be happy this Thanksgiving. Theres great pictures of flowers, turkeys, Betty Boop and Sesame Street. Music by Adam Sandler, The Thanksgiving Song. Enjoy Jeanie.

Pooh Thanksgiving Snow Globe Preview

Pooh Thanksgiving Snow Globe - A snow globe of Pooh and the Gang enjoying their Thanksgiving dinner.

Pilgrim Thanks Preview

Pilgrim Thanks - Pilgrims float up and down on a semi-transparent background to the MiDi Over The River And Through The Woods. Has Matching Wallpaper.

Joys Of Thanksgiving Preview

Joys Of Thanksgiving - What a great screen saver with 12 different pictures of turkeys, pilgrims and some delicious fruit and veggies. Music Turkey In The Straw. Enjoy Wally.

Mickey and Minnie Thanksgiving Snow Globe Preview

Mickey and Minnie Thanksgiving Snow Globe - A Snow Globe of Mickey and Minnie for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Snow Globe Preview

Thanksgiving Snow Globe - A Thanksgiving Snow Globe for your computer.

 Thanksgiving Greetings Preview

Thanksgiving Greetings - What a beautiful saver with 13 colorful pictures of turkeys, scarecrows, Pooh and his friends and Pilgrims to help you enjoy this Thanksgiving season. Music The Thanksgiving Song. Enjoy Darlene.

Give Thanks by DF Designs Preview

Give Thanks by DF Designs - Fruits and Veggies and other Food is on the screen. Thanksgiving Screensaver with animations and seasonal music. Matching Wallpaper available. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving! Here you find even more Deskotop Enhancement in first class quality

Thanksgiving Moods Preview

Thanksgiving Moods - Watch the text slowly coming on the screen and then encircling the images of the trees of fall. The finale- a real video shot of a tree during fall and a message for the holiday. Includes calm and peaceful music.

A Thanksgiving Blessing Candle Preview

A Thanksgiving Blessing Candle - Theme Shack 5 Star Creator Presents This Awesome Thanksgiving Blessing Candle To Burn Brightly On Your Desktop As A Lovely Thanksgiving Blessing Poem by Vickie Lambdin Is Presented To You In The Flash Based Screensaver. Matching Wallpaper and Animated Stationery Also Available. Happy Thanksgiving From Lady Di and Theme Shack.

hiding out Preview

hiding out - thanksgiving, a time of good feelings for a family. however, these turkeys seem to have a different view point. hiding out is the name of the many, many animations

Bountiful Thanksgiving Preview

Bountiful Thanksgiving - Let us be grateful for the bountiful gifts our higher power has provided. This animated screen saver includes appropriate MP3 music in the background.

House of Thanksgiving Preview

House of Thanksgiving - Busy House of Thanksgiving. Lot of kritters and animals all over. Great Thanksgiving sound and matching Wallpaper available

Happy Moonlight Thanksgiving Preview

Happy Moonlight Thanksgiving - Happy Thanksgiving. Ducks fly by and a turkey is on the screen. Falling leaves a witch and some pumpkins. Have a happy Thanksgiving. Great Sound. Matching Wallpaper available. Enjoy DF

Home For the Holiday Preview

Home For the Holiday - Be it Halloween or Columbus Day or Thanksgiving its great to be Home For the Holiday (whichever one it is!) A self installing file. Comfortingly yours His Lamb Forever.

Flowers Preview

Flowers - A ery lovely saver. Cherish your love for flowers with it and celebrate your thanksgiving this time with flowers!!

Reasons To Give Thanks Preview

Reasons To Give Thanks - What a wonderul way to enjoy Thanksgiving with the saver that has 14 great pictures of Autumn and Thanksgiving. Music by Rosemary Clooney, Count Your Blessings. Enjoy Wally.

Turkey Time by Lacats Preview

Turkey Time by Lacats - Its Thanksgiving! Time for the Turkey! Saver is slide show type. Contains 14 images and 3 songs. Saver many display options and can be set not to play music. Matches my theme by the same name. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Frost Preview

Thanksgiving Frost - Great background gives a frosty Fall feeling to this Thanksgiving theme. Original wallpaper, theme, and screensaver are all available for you.

Poohs Thanksgiving Saver Preview

Poohs Thanksgiving Saver - Share the holiday with friends.

always thankful Preview

always thankful - be always thankful for your family and friends and the precious time we have together. a wonderful midi to fit the holiday. many animations. hope you will enjoy it.

Snoops Thanksgiving Saver Preview

Snoops Thanksgiving Saver - Celebrate the holiday with friends!!

ThanksBeToGod_WB_LDP Preview

ThanksBeToGod_WB_LDP - Very pretty saver. Lots of leaves and tiny golden flowers move all over your screen. Words are animated. Midi is Give Thanks and can be muted. Matching theme also avail for download. For 800x600 only to view properly. Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkeys in Autumn Preview

Turkeys in Autumn - Wild turkeys in Autumn and Thanksgiving, they do just go together. Here is a great way to decorate your desktop for the season and for the Holiday. Theme, screensaver and wallpaper all available.

Free screensaver preview. Entangled free screensaver uses my most popular graphics effect. The 3D images transform and reveal themselves into each other creating a relaxing yet interesting effect. apple blossom
download Entangled Screensaver
Free screensaver preview. This screensaver includes several beautiful paintings by Kagaya.
download Kagaya Screensaver
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