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The Rock Screensavers
Its Puffin Time Preview

Its Puffin Time - on the rocks, up from the ocean, is where the puffins come to play. many, many animations and a bouncy tune to tap your toes to while you watch the puffins do what puffins do. lol...lots of fun for all. hope you will enjoy it. this saver is FREEWARE. stop by theme and see what the 5 star creators have ready for you. you are bound to find a surprise or two.

Beach River Preview

Beach River - A delightful river that runs from an inland lake, across the beach, and right into Lake Charlevoix in northwestern Michigan. It was especially lovely at sunset when all the rocks were illuminated by the setting sun. Original photo by Scubagrl of Scubagrls Themes n Dreams. Pleasant sounds of the water also included.

Arizona Hidden Stream Preview

Arizona Hidden Stream - Beautiful water illusion screensaver of a wonderful waterfall in a stream of sparkling water hidden away in the rocks of Arizona. SS by Arlene. Desktop theme and wallpaper also available.

Wild Waves Preview

Wild Waves - The California Surf Has Never Been More Wild. These Waves Are Crashing Against The Rocks. Multiple Water Effect Screensaver and IE Toolbar Also Available.

The Rocking Horses Preview

The Rocking Horses - Such old fashion rocking horses that have big blue ribbons on Shown on a transparent background....Hope ya like it! Has mutable music.

The Sign - The Second Coming - a Rock Opera Preview

The Sign - The Second Coming - a Rock Opera - The Rock Opera of the Century !Join Aryon in his wonderful journey for info

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Preview

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - A matching screensaver for my Wallpaper of the same name.

Turtle Creek Preview

Turtle Creek - A quiet animated stream with fish and a turtle swimming. A deer has come to drink and little bugs crawl around on the rock at the bottom. The optional music is the sound of a running stream.

Evanescence Bring Me To Life Preview

Evanescence Bring Me To Life - A simple slide show contribution to the rock band Evanescence. Made with Macromedia Flash MX Professional.

the rock garden Preview

the rock garden - a beautiful pond and rock garden, perhaps in the woods. a water effect saver. water speed may be adjusted. music is by the great james got a friend. a secluded and private pond to relax by and listen to some wonderful music. very enjoyable. hope you like it.

Rockstar Games 2 Preview

Rockstar Games 2 - This is the RockStar Games glowing Logo.

The Rock Star(Revised) Preview

The Rock Star(Revised) - This is the better version of my Benji Madden screensaver. For some reason the other one just wasnt good enough. So I made new graphics and kept some of the older ones fro the preveous screensaver I built. The same song is on there Another Perfect Day by Good Charlotte. ENJOY!

Woodland Waterfall Preview

Woodland Waterfall - Visit a beautiful woodland waterfall. You can hear the sound of the water as it flows from the rocky ledge above. Listen to the sounds of the woods and hear the birds sing in the trees. Saver has pretty water effects and quite nature sounds.

The Rock Star Preview

The Rock Star - A screen saver of Benji Madden from Good Charlotte. I made various collages of Benji and borrowed a few others. The ones I created will have a copyright on them and the rest will have their own tags from the orignial owners. The music is Another Perfect Day by Good Charlotte.

Mystic Waterfall Preview

Mystic Waterfall - A beautiful waterfall in a wooded setting. Saver has pretty waterfall effects. You can hear the waterfall and the sounds of birds as the water flows from the rocky mountains above. Matches my theme by the same title.

Denizens of the Deep Preview

Denizens of the Deep - This gorgeous fellow was quite a show-off for the camera, and was taken by me at the Long Beach, California Aquarium in the summer of 2003…what I call a Dry Dive. I got the picture just as he was coming out of the rocky crevice he calls home. Lots of other fish, rays, and octopuses swim back and forth and diagonally across your screen, just like a real aquarium. The sound of water plays continually in the background. This screensaver matches my desktop theme by the same name.

Rainbow Falls Preview

Rainbow Falls - Beautiful waterfalls cascade down to the rocks below while a lovely rainbow plays upon the water. Soothing waterfall sounds play continually in the background. Artwork by Nita Engel.

Vachiratharn Waterfalls Preview

Vachiratharn Waterfalls - These famous waterfalls in Thailand cascade down the rocky cliff to the water below. Sounds of waterfalls play continually in the background.

Cabo San Lucas Preview

Cabo San Lucas - This is an original photo I took while on our vacation in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in the summer of 2002. Background waves undulate and the foreground white waves splash high over the rock at the edge of the cliff on the beach; the shallow water on the beach moves naturally across the screen, all to the sounds of the ocean as uniquely animated waves move all over your screen.

Autumn River Preview

Autumn River - Step onto the rocks and enjoy a close view of the Autumn colors reflected in this beautiful River! This is a moving water screen saver, nature sounds included. FREE!

Blue Ridge River Preview

Blue Ridge River - Walk down the trail, step on the rocks and enjoy the view of this River.

The Rock Preview

The Rock - The Rock from WWF Sports Entertainment better

The Scorpion King Preview

The Scorpion King - Based on the movie starring The Rock 23 pictures plus sound from the trailer.

The Rock Preview

The Rock - Includes various photos of the rock some old and some new. Includes music.

WWF\s The Rock Screen Saver Preview

WWF\s The Rock Screen Saver - WWFs The Rock ScreenSaver.. check out my site for other Rock items

WWE The Rock Preview

WWE The Rock - World Wrestling Entertainment The Rock. Has several changing pictues.

The ROCK Preview

The ROCK - Screensaver of "The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment Today" The ROCK!

Free screensaver preview. Tulip Swirl free screensaver and desktop theme. Cubes tumble across your screen and build a beautiful image along with the music.
download Tulip Swirl Screensaver
Free screensaver preview. Beach Tranquility screensaver and desktop theme. Great rain drop effect pours down your desktop creating beautiful beach scenes. Has a unique desktop theme.
download Beach Tranquility Screensaver
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