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Tropical Themes
Tropical Island For April Preview

Tropical Island For April - What a beautiful picture of this tropical Island at Micronesia, Palau that has large Palm trees, white sand and the blue ocean and sky, for you to enjoy. This outstanding picture came from my screen saver Tropical Islands, which was posted earlier. Music by Nat King Cole, The Sand And The Sea. Enjoy Wally.

Tropical Island For March Preview

Tropical Island For March - Take on the feel of a cool summers breeze, with palm trees dancing, in this lovely beach setting of white sand and a blue sky as you moor your sailboat on the beach by the ocean of aqua blue. Music by Tommy James, Crystal Blue Persuasion. Enjoy Wally.

Fantasy Island By Lacats Preview

Fantasy Island By Lacats - Visit a tropical fantasy island where you can relax and enjoy the pleasure of a beautiful beach. Theme includes icons and cursors. Other matching downloads include, Hot Bar, Winamp 3.0, IE Toolbar, Outlook Express Stationery, Water Illusions Saver and wallpaper.

Tropical Island For February Preview

Tropical Island For February - Enter into the relaxing world of this beautiful tropical island wallpaper as you enjoy the sway of palm trees growing by an ocean of orange cast down by a warm evening sunset. Music by Elvis, Beyond The Reef. Enjoy Wally.

 Tropical Aquarium 1 Preview

Tropical Aquarium 1 - First in a series of Tropical Aquarium Themes. The preview is a little fuzzy but the wallpaper isnt. This one has Angel Fish, Pearl Gouramis, Neon Tetras and several types of Discus. I hope you enjoy using this as much as I did creating it. The screensaver will listed as Setup Tropical Aquarium Scenes.

New Years Under Tropical Aruba Skies Preview

New Years Under Tropical Aruba Skies - Themed by request using a wonderful wallpaper by Lady Di. Celebrate your New Year on the beach under a lovley tropical sky. Theme has original cursors and icons by Irene which are also abailable and you can get the wallpaper and a great screensaver from Lady Di. Happy New Year any year.

Tropical Island For January Preview

Tropical Island For January - Step into the beauty of this warm tropical island in the Britsh Virgin Islands. This beautiful wallpaper with its abundance of white cap ocean waves and magnificent flowers on a sandy beach. A great matching screen saver is named Tropical Islands which was posted earlier. Music by Nat King Cole, The Sand And The Sea. Enjoy Wally.

Betty Boop For January Preview

Betty Boop For January - Enjoy this fun wallpaper of Betty Boops standing by the piano as the bartender serves up a cocktail in this tropical bar setting and you feel the sounds of “Play it again Sam” The matching screen saver is named Betty Boop A Years Full Of Fun. There are also 15 great sounds by Betty. Enjoy Darlene.

Water From The Mountain Theme Preview

Water From The Mountain Theme - Theme by Shar of The Penniless Prophet. A breathtaking, modified mountain waterfall photograph along with matching 3D icons with a closed folder replacement, Tropical Blue cursors and peaceful new age music by Sammie Tiekkdin. 1024 x 768 resolution; 800 x 600 wp replacement included. Enjoy!

Common Egrets Preview

Common Egrets - What a beautiful picture full of contrasting colors, that has a blue sky, tall green grass and these two white Egrets, with their very long necks and legs, standing in the grass. From my screen saver, Tropical Birds In The Caribbean, which was posted separately. Music by Barbara Streisand, Song Bird. Enjoy Jeanie.

Sleeping Shark Preview

Sleeping Shark - This is a great picture of a shark fast asleep on the ocean floor beneath some coral rocks, with some very colorful tropical fish swimming around him. This fantastic picture is from the Screen Saver, Sharks Kingdom, which was posted earlier. Music by John Denver, Calyspo. Enjoy Jeanie.

Tropical Sunset Active Preview

Tropical Sunset Active - This theme has a lake applet. Edited and created by me. It has icons and cursors. Comes with easy install instructions. Please note applet themes are installed in 2 steps.

Moonlight Magic Preview

Moonlight Magic - A huge full moon rises on a tropical beach, complete with exotic flowers and a romantic treehouse. Moonlight Serenade sound files. Screensaver is also included.

Mermaid Preview

Mermaid - This is a wonderful painting of a Mermaid swimming amongst the Coral, Tropical Fish and Seahorses. Music, Under The Sea. Enjoy Darlene

Dolphins Tropical Fish And Coral Preview

Dolphins Tropical Fish And Coral - This is such a pretty picture of a Dolphin swimming among the colorful coral and with some Tropical fish. Music by Elvis, Beyond The Reef. Enjoy Jeanie.

Lions Of The Sea Theme Preview

Lions Of The Sea Theme - Theme executed by Shar of The Penniless Prophet. Includes a beautiful aquarium painting by David Miller, matching icons with a folder replacement, custom cursors and opening and closing tropical music by Accoustic Alchemy. 1024 x 768 resolution; 800 x 600 wp included as replacement ONLY. Enjoy!

Dolphins Preview

Dolphins - This is a beautiful painting by artist David Miller. The ocean is filled with bright Tropical Fish and Dolphins swimming and playing on the oceans surface. Music by Dan Fogleberg, Longer. Enjoy Jeanie.

Tropical Daze Preview

Tropical Daze - Beautiful birds and tropical foliage. The theme has matching icons, cursors, and a screensaver included

Golden Sunset Preview

Golden Sunset - A tropical sunset over the ocean. Matching screensaver available.

Bubble Up Preview

Bubble Up - What a great and colorful picture of many different kinds of Tropical fish swimming around a coral reef. Music by Elvis, Beyond The Reef. Enjoy Darlene.

Illumination Of The Dolphins Preview

Illumination Of The Dolphins - Tropical fish and dolphins come alive in this terrific wallpaper of a beautiful underwater scene and its brilliant colors of the deep of blues and greens. Music Under The Sea. Enjoy Darlene.

Waimea Moon Preview

Waimea Moon - This is a beautiful painting filled with yellow and black tropical fish, a Sea Turtle, and Dolphins playing under the full moon. Music by The Capris, Theres A Moon Out Tonight. Enjoy Jeanie.

Breathtaking Preview

Breathtaking - What better way to describe this tropical vision than to say it is breaktaking; custom icons, anis and cursors. Matching hotbar, IE toolbar, winamp, water effect screensaver and wallpaper available separately.

Dolphins Coral And Tropical Fish Preview

Dolphins Coral And Tropical Fish - This is a great painting of the blue ocean water, lots of colorful Tropical Fish, a colorful coral bed and a dolphin. Music Under The Sea. Enjoy Jeanie

Beautiful Beach by DesktopDecor Preview

Beautiful Beach by DesktopDecor - A beautiful picture with fun icons & colors for a tropical feel. This is easily one of our most popular themes!

Delightful Dolphins Preview

Delightful Dolphins - A delightful picture of playful dolphins

Aloha Aina Preview

Aloha Aina - Aloha Aina means Love of the Land. This is a great painting of a tropical forest in Hawaii that has beautiful flowers and a spectualar waterfall. Music by Gene Pitney, Hawaii. Enjoy Wally.

Peaceful Spirit Preview

Peaceful Spirit - This is a beautiful painting about the peaceful spirit of a Dolphin and the Tropical Fish that are swimming together in a coral reef. Music by Dan Fogelberg, Longer. Enjoy Jeanie

Dolphins Of Light Preview

Dolphins Of Light - This is an outstanding painting of a couple of dolphins, some very colorful Tropical Fish swimming together in the oceans blue waters. Music by Dan Fogleberg, Longer. Enjoy Wally.

Brulatour Court Preview

Brulatour Court - This is a beautiful garden setting of soft brown colors in a courtyard with lots of tropical plants. Music by Rod Stewart, Country Comforts. Enjoy, Darlene

Dolphins And Tropicals Preview

Dolphins And Tropicals - Bring you desktop alive with this beautiful underwater wallpaper of Dolphins and Tropical Fish. Music by Dan Fogelberg, Longer. Enjoy Jeanie.

Free screensaver preview. India 3D images are named after abstract art from India. Free screensaver made of beautiful images that break into pieces and fly away along with the music. A matching desktop theme is available.
download India Screensaver
Free screensaver preview. This screensaver includes several beautiful paintings by Kagaya.
download Kagaya Screensaver
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