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Unicorn Screensavers
1 Beauty Walks Preview

1 Beauty Walks - As a special request, here is the magical and mystical unicorn in an breathtakingly beautiful land of enchantment. Watch magical sparkles glitter and glisten while they fall as the melody Magic plays for you.

Enchanted Paradise Fantasy Preview

Enchanted Paradise Fantasy - Beautiful Fantasy Paradise Where Fairies, Unicorns and Pegasus Gather. Escape To This Magical Paradise Where The Waters Glisten and The Sky Sparkles. The Flowers and Butterflies Shine With Lovely Iridescent Colors. Adjustable Soundtrack is Titled Fantasy Tune. ~ Lady Di

Unicorn Falls Fantasy Preview

Unicorn Falls Fantasy - Bring a little fantasy and magic to your desktop with these two beautiful unicorns at the base of a beautiful waterfall against the darkness of night as the stars twinkle all around them

Unicorn Reflection Preview

Unicorn Reflection - All that lives of legendry, beauty, magic, mystery, gentleness and purity, dwells in me. Beautiful rippling water effects in this ANIMATED screensaver. Get the matching desktop theme, Messenger skin and Winamp skin too. No mate, no kin, have I known, none may claim me as his own, one is one, and all alone, it must be so.

Fairies Forrest Preview

Fairies Forrest - animated Fairies, and Unicorn and things with great music in an enchanted Forrest. Matching Wallpaper available. Enjoy DF

Unicorn Forest By Lacats Preview

Unicorn Forest By Lacats - Visit the enchanted forest of unicorns. Saver has pretty water effects and real nature sounds. Matches my theme by the same name.

Castle of the Unicorns SS by Star Angel Preview

Castle of the Unicorns SS by Star Angel - Art Image by Alistair Hamilton. Unicorn frame and black unicorn by Star Angel. This is a fantasy water saver with sound and water settings may be adjusted in Display Properties.

Afternoon Fantasy Preview

Afternoon Fantasy - I once had an afternoon fantasy while relaxing in the garden, and here it is for you all to share. Dragons, flowers, and a magical unicorn dress your desktop in delight. Theme, original wallpaper and animated screensaver with mutable music are all available.

Water Lily World Preview

Water Lily World - Come with me and visit the wonderful world of fantsy that lives among the water lilies of this lake. Lots of fantastical fairies, unicorns and lovely creatures inhabit my world. Desktop theme, original wallpaper by Irene, and a beautiful water illusion screensaver with mutable sound are all available. Keep a bit of magic in your life.

Dreams of Unicorns SS by Star Angel Preview

Dreams of Unicorns SS by Star Angel - Matching saver to my theme of the same name. This is a water and rain screensaver. Quite lovely. Sound included. Speed may be adjusted in saver settings. Theme available in the desktop theme section under Artistic and Fantasy.

Rainbow Chateau In The Clouds Preview

Rainbow Chateau In The Clouds - A Chateau Floats High Amonst The Clouds Shrouded By A Beautiful Rainbow. This Is A Magical Place Where Pegasus and Unicorns Play. Completely User Adjustable.

Enchanted Forest 1 SS by Star Angel Preview

Enchanted Forest 1 SS by Star Angel - Matching saver to my theme of the same name. Art by Steve A. Roberts. Magical scene of unicorn family in the forest with a raging river. This is a water saver. Speed settings may be adjusted. Theme available in the desktop theme section under art.

Other Worlds Preview

Other Worlds - Fractal slideshow against a bacground of elves and unicorns. Music is Pieces Of April. In other worlds dreams do come true. Matching theme available.

Unicorn Beach Preview

Unicorn Beach - A Colorful and Peaceful Screensaver Of A Magical Beach Where Unicrons Run Wild and Free. Matching Wallpaper and IE Toolbar Also Available. Let Your Imagination Take You There. ~ Lady Di

Dark Garden Preview

Dark Garden - One special, magical unicorn stands alone in a dark garden, a place of fairies, butterflies and mystical delight. Come join him and feel the magic. Theme, original wallpaper by Irene and an animated screensaver are all available for you. Screensaver has fairies and magical things flitting around the garden, as well as a herd of wonderful unicorns passing by.

Unicorn Waves Preview

Unicorn Waves - Two Unicrons Make Up The Waves In This Unique Screensaver With A Rippling Water Effect. A Matching Wallpaper and IE Toolbar Also Available. ~ ENJOY ~ Lady Di

Unicorn Fantasy Preview

Unicorn Fantasy - Unicorns float up and down on a transparent background to the Midi Fairytale.Has matching wallpaper.

Magical and Mystical Make Believe Preview

Magical and Mystical Make Believe - In this land of make believe of Fairies, Unicorns, Angels and Exotic Places anything can happen. Its a place where our imaginations can soar. Magic is a special place we all understand. Over 100 quality images set to magical music by Yanni and others. State of the art special effects and graphics. Fully customizable. FREEWARE-Donations Only. Created by Lady Di

Satin Serpents Preview

Satin Serpents - For a beautiful desktop, here is a lovely image of a mer-unicorn or sea dragon at rest against a fabulous fractal background. Desktop theme, transitional slideshow screensaver with lovely colors and original wallpaper by Irene are all available for you.

Fairy Sky SS Preview

Fairy Sky SS - Flying Unicorns, Doves, A realtime clock against a moving sky with mutable Fairy music in this little saver.

Unicorn Magic Preview

Unicorn Magic - Fantastic slideshow with tons of great transitions. All original wallpapers, with some brand new ones. If you love unicorns, this one is for you.

Dark Sparks Preview

Dark Sparks - Another great unicorn for you and a cute little dragon with a gift. Theme includes both original wallpapers, icons, cursors and sounds. Wallpapers and desktop theme also available as seperate downloads.

Golden Magic Preview

Golden Magic - What could be more magical than a beautiful golden unicorn Here is one for your desktop anlong with lovely golden roses. This was a request from Jody, and I hope she enjoys it. Transitional slideshow. Theme and wallpaper also available.

the unicorn forest Preview

the unicorn forest - among the trees of a magical forest, live the unicorns. fairies are twinkling all around as are the stars above them. many animations. wonderful music to make your journey a special one of peace and serenity. hope you will enjoy it.

My Morning Preview

My Morning - Making morning magic on the river. Transitional slideshow. Theme and wallpaper also available.

Blues Unicorn Preview

Blues Unicorn - Flying Unicorns, a real time clock and mutable blues music in this small saver.

The Misfit Preview

The Misfit - Poor little guy,I bet he grows up to be a real handsome unicorn too, the song One In A Million is the backgound music for this saver that has 3 floating wallpapers

Vjeras Magic Forest Preview

Vjeras Magic Forest - Vjera has created a magical, mystical forest for us all to enjoy; a place where unicorns rule, and the wonder never ends. Transitional slideshow. Theme and wallpaper also available.

Big Book of Unicorns Preview

Big Book of Unicorns - The Unicorn Song is the backgound music for this saver that has three rotating cubes

Mother and Child Preview

Mother and Child - Three sheets of wallpaper twist, twirl and float around your desktop, as the song my Darling Child play in the background

Unicorns Child Preview

Unicorns Child - Three sheets of wallpaper twist, twirl and float around your desktop, as the song my Darling Child play in the background

With Love Mom Preview

With Love Mom - This is a beautiful screen saver filled with wonderful flowers, Unicorn and her baby, animals with their young children and of course new mothers and their babies. Music by Celine Dion, Because You Love Me. Enjoy Darlene

Unicorns Moon Preview

Unicorns Moon - If this is the moon I`d like to visit there,the song F;y Me To the Moon is the background music for this saver that has mutiple floating moons

Hidden Gold Preview

Hidden Gold - Beautiful golden unicorn and a hidden waterfall make a lovely desktop. Original by Irene wallpaper, transitional slideshow. Wallpaper and theme also available.

Unicorn Fantasy Reborn Preview

Unicorn Fantasy Reborn - Arlene has re designed her great unicorn fantasy screensaver, with lots and lots of wonderful animations and a lovely unicorn, too. Check thissun out!

Free screensaver preview. Lilac and Lime Lace screensaver and Fractal Wonderland desktop theme. This free screensaver was originally called fractal wonderland but the screen saver images did not have same effect as the theme imcgi-bin/load.cgi?http://files.themesunlimited.comage. The name changed to lilac and lime lace do to the fact that the screensaver images have a lacey look. This free screensaver is over eight minutes long which is one of the reasons why it has two different songs for the background music. The songs were actually selected by two fans of my free screensavers instead of my own music selections.
download Lime Lace Screensaver
Free screensaver preview. Fractal in Bloom has some of the most beautiful images of all the different free screensavers. Vivid cubes tumble on your desktop creating several different images. Has a beautiful desktop theme.
download Fractal in Bloom Screensaver
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