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Animal Screensavers
Thanksgiving Celebration Preview

Thanksgiving Celebration width=200 height=160 - A time to take stock of all we have,

Amazing Animals v1 Preview

Amazing Animals v1 width=200 height=160 - Collection screensaver includes amazing animal behavior Includes original music

Relaxing Waterfall v1 Preview

Relaxing Waterfall v1 width=200 height=160 - Relaxing waterfall sounds and animated birds and animals

World Wildlife Preview

World Wildlife width=200 height=160 - A heritage of beauty, mountains standing tall and proud, clear blue skies untouched by society. Here you can see the stars sparkling across a black blanket of the night. Many beautiful pictures of animals in their natural habitat in this unique screensaver. Each picture available separately as a wallpaper download. A heritage with a future, a future full of new birth of new life and beauty where nature will always offer its serenity.

Polar Bears Preview

Polar Bears width=200 height=160 - Native hunters consider Nanuk, the polar bear, to be wise and powerful. Beautiful screensaver with many photos of these magnificent animals. Matching desktop theme and Winamp skin available separately. According to legend, a dead polar bear that was properly treated by a hunter would share the good news with other bears.

Through The Clouds Preview

Through The Clouds width=200 height=160 - Ths sun peeks through the clouds at the end of a rain shower. A few drops are still falling as the animated animals come out again. The water in the stream moves . The optional music is Gentle Rain. You can easily add your own music to this one. A small clock in the corner can be moved or removed entirely.

Eagle Sunset Preview

Eagle Sunset width=200 height=160 - Eagles soar high above the moving stream in this one. The background is a beautiful sunset scene with a view of an eagles nest. Several small animated animals are also around. The optional music is Ride The Wind. You can easily add your own music to this one. A small clock in the corner can be moved or removed entirely.

A Wildlife Primium Preview

A Wildlife Primium width=200 height=160 - beautyfull wildlife animals slide show

Animals Down The road Preview

Animals Down The road width=200 height=160 - Animals from the farm broke out and are going down the road. Snow is falling. The animals are animate. Non Transparent and Mutable music. Has matching wallpaper in wallpaper section. Made by Juniebuggy and submitted by me. We hope ya like!

Angel On High Preview

Angel On High width=200 height=160 - An ole barn with light on and animals outside. A star twinkling because a wonderous thing is about to happen. A snowman is outside the fence. Water in the creek is moving and it is snowing. Non transparent and mutable music. Has matching wallpaper in wallpaper section. Made by Juniebuggy and submitted by me. We hope ya like!

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Top 20 Most Downloaded Screensavers            

Free screensaver preview. Flower Petal screensaver and desktop theme.  This free screensaver uses a beautiful technique, pieces break and fly away. Flower Petal is very unique art that is dominately shades of peach.
download Flower Petal Screensaver
Free screensaver preview. Palermo Paradise free screensaver includes several beautiful paintings of Palermo Italy. The matching desktop theme uses beautiful colors that match the wallpaper.
download Palermo Paradise Screensaver

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