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Dinosaur Screensavers

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Dinosaur Screensavers
Age of Dinosaurs Preview

Age of Dinosaurs width=250 height=188 - Noisy dinosaurs walk by the moving water and fly overhead. A storm is coming as the wind blows the palm trees and a few raindrops fall. Lightning flashes in the sky. The optional music is Woodland Nightfall. You can easily add your own music to this one. A small clock in the corner can be moved or removed entirely.

Prehistoric Ocean Preview

Prehistoric Ocean width=250 height=188 - Dinosaurs watch from the shores as a volcano erupts. A split view of the ocean, the water on the surface moves while the water below is calm. A variety of creatures swim by and bubbles rise from the bottom. The optional music is the sound of the sea. You can easily add your own music to this one. A small clock in the corner can be moved or removed entirely.

Dinosaurs Preview

Dinosaurs width=250 height=188 - All kinds of dinosaurs moving all over the screen for a wild screensaver for your computer. Transparent screensaver with mutable music. Hope ya like it!

Dinosaur SS Preview

Dinosaur SS width=250 height=188 - This screensaver has a lake effect. It has a matching Active Theme and a matching Active Wallpaper by the same name, available for download. Edited and created by me.

Calvin and Hobbes Animated Preview

Calvin and Hobbes Animated width=250 height=188 - Hey Hobbes, want to see my transmogrifier. All you do is set the indicator and you can be a baboon, a giant bug or even a dinosaur. See Calvin and Hobbes dancing on the screen and many other fun animations. Matching desktop theme, Messenger skin and Winamp skin also available. Just think! With the push of a button you could be a 500 story gastropod- a slug the size of the Chrysler Building!

Jurassic Journey Preview

Jurassic Journey width=250 height=188 - Jurassic Journey...A Time Before Man When Dinosaurs Roamed The Land. A Prehistoric Lake With Rippling Water As The Inhabitants Observe. A Time Of Magic, A Time Of The Land.

Dinosaurs Preview

Dinosaurs width=250 height=188 - These “terrible lizards” ruled the Earth for millions of years. Lots of wonderful paintings of these magnificent creatures. Desktop theme is also available.

Age of Dinosaurs 3D 7.8 Preview

Age of Dinosaurs 3D 7.8 width=250 height=188 - Do you or your kids love Dinosaurs In this screen saver you move around near-realistic 3D World and observe scenes of Dinosaurs life. A support for 3D accelerators and authentic sounds has been added for your experience. Download Wallpapers too!

7art Dinosaurs Vol.2 ScreenSaver Preview

7art Dinosaurs Vol.2 ScreenSaver width=250 height=188 - Have you ever dreamed of travelling back in time Taking a walk in Jurassic Park

7art Dinosaurs Free ScreenSaver Preview

7art Dinosaurs Free ScreenSaver width=250 height=188 - The mission of 7art Dinosaurs Free ScreenSaver is to frighten you totally with these ancient monsters waiting to eat everething and everybody they come across.Just a joke. ;)They are very lovely and many of them are herbivore.There are 20 high quality dinosaurs images. You can also choose from 25 transition effects that appear between the images.

Dinoland Preview

Dinoland width=250 height=188 - Bring a prehistoric atmosphere to your desktop with this new screensaver and matching wallpaper.Lake effect makes the water gently roll while a TRex runs across the screen every so often and other dinosaurs scurry and fly around. Plays to the sound of rippling water. In the background you will hear the T-Rex approaching as he stomps into the scene and a light roar. Full theme with screensaver available in the themes category.

Disneys Dinosaur SCR Preview

Disneys Dinosaur SCR width=250 height=188 - Dinosaur Screensaver includes 14 images from the movie that are displayed as a slideshow with over 30 special effects and 1 midi for background sound (can be disabled). A matching desktop theme and Jigsaw Puzzle are also available at the website.

Barneys Tent  IS To Full Preview

Barneys Tent IS To Full width=250 height=188 - 14 wonderful pictures from the story book Barneys Tent Is Too Full which is about how Barney The Dinosaur and Betty Bop help out the forest animals durning a rain storm. Enjoy Jeanie

Isn`t Life Strange Preview

Isn`t Life Strange width=250 height=188 - A splendid moonlit night when dinosaurs ruled. Easy install. Plays the complete song by the Moody Blues. The matching animated saver to my desktop theme, puzzle, stationery, ICQ, WinAmp and Hotbar skins.


DINOSAURS II width=250 height=188 - a colourful and educational screensaver showing sizes of humans to dinosaurs and names of each dinosaur.

Disneys Dinosaur Preview

Disneys Dinosaur width=250 height=188 - This screensaver goes along with the theme. Its about Disneys Dinosaur it also has sound.

The Eye Preview

The Eye width=250 height=188 - The Eye Of The Past screensaver cont. Dino animations & a*very soulful*.Also has a theme with 3 logos.Hotbar available.

Dinosaurs Preview

Dinosaurs width=250 height=188 - slideshow of 18 pics of dinosaurs with a small description of each dinosaur

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Top 20 Most Downloaded Screensavers            

Free screensaver preview. Carnaval screensaver and desktop theme. Amazing images break into pieces and fly away to the mood of a smooth Blues song. Music is a very obscure Rolling Stones song.
download Carnaval Screensaver
Free screensaver preview. Butterfly Fantasia screensaver and desktop theme. This is the number one downloaded screensaver. This fractal is a favorite of my entire family. 3 Dimensional cubes tumble across your screen building a stunning butterfly along with mysterious music.
download Butterfly Fantasia Screensaver

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