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Batman Themes
Batmobile Preview

Batmobile width=200 height=160 - This is a great picture of Batmans Batmobile, with the famous crime fighter sitting inside. From the screen saver On The Road Again, which was posted earlier. Hope you enjoy the 15 different sounds. Enjoy Darlene

Batman Begins Preview

Batman Begins width=200 height=160 - The Dark Knight has emerged as a force for good in Gotham. Bruce Wayne travels the world seeking the means to fight injustice and turn fear against those who prey on the fearful. Wallpaper in 1024 and 800 sizes, icons, cursors, font, startup screen, stereo sounds and some extra sounds. Matching Winamp and Messenger skins available separately. Batman, the Dark Knight, uses his strength, intellect and an array of high tech deceptions to fight the sinister forces that threaten the city.

Batman Begins Active Preview

Batman Begins Active width=200 height=160 - This theme has a float applet. Awesome theme Edited and created by me. It has icons and cursors. Comes with easy install instructions. A matching Active Wallpaper, 2 matching Screensavers, and OE Stationery available. Please note applet themes are installed in 2 steps.

Batman Begins The Movie Preview

Batman Begins The Movie width=200 height=160 - Based on the movie. Wallpaper, icons, pointers, sounds, and logos.

Batman Begins Preview

Batman Begins width=200 height=160 - Theme has 4 Wallpapers plus Logos, webview, startup and shutdown screens, icons with icon folders, cursors, screensaver and full of sounds. Enjoy Chappel

Batman Begins Movie Preview

Batman Begins Movie width=200 height=160 - Theme based on the DC Comic movie, Batman Begins. It contains all theme parts including screensaver and a wallpaper for each Batman and Bruce Wayne. Enjoy. Fear the knight.

Justice League of America Preview

Justice League of America width=200 height=160 - Theme includes Logos, webview, startup and shutdown screens, icons with icon folders, cursors, screensaver and full of sounds. Enjoy Chappel

Batman The New Series Preview

Batman The New Series width=200 height=160 - Theme based on the new series, The Batman. It contains all theme parts including screensaver. Enjoy and justice still rules the night.

Batman Animated Series Mr. Freeze Preview

Batman Animated Series Mr. Freeze width=200 height=160 - A skin of the villan Mr. Freeze from the animated Batman.

Batman and Robin Preview

Batman and Robin width=200 height=160 - Theres a chill over Gotham City. A new nemesis has unleashed a cold front of crime on the beleaguered metropolis as the citizenry turns to its nocturnal guardians, Batman and Robin, to free it from the icy grip of fear. Unique wallpaper, icons, 2 ani cursors, 12 static Batman crest cursors, startup screen, font and sounds. Once again, the united team of Batman and Robin stand against a new reign of villainy.

Batman Preview

Batman width=200 height=160 - The dark phantom is always on the lookout for the underworld in the city of Gotham. You can feel safe in your bed knowing that the masked crusader is on your desktop. All standard theme files including startup screen and fonts.

Matts Batman Preview

Matts Batman width=200 height=160 - Grandkids!! Arent they a joy I made this theme for my Grandson Matt and I thought you might have a son or grandson that would like this theme...there is a matching screensaver too.

Azrael Templar Knights  DcComics Preview

Azrael Templar Knights DcComics width=200 height=160 - Azrael, Dccomics charachter desktop theme

Robin Themw Preview

Robin Themw width=200 height=160 - A cool theme of the current Robin

batmanbluelightning Preview

batmanbluelightning width=200 height=160 - This a Batman Desktop theme with a multi-hued blue color scheme. It contains a complete cursor, icon, and wav pack. The wavs are from various Batman films and cartoons. There are extra icons to use besides the basic set. (See the read me.)

Batman Beyond ROTJ Theme Preview

Batman Beyond ROTJ Theme width=200 height=160 - Theme of the video Batman Beyond Return of the Joker. It contains all theme parts including screensaver and two wallpaper sizes. Enjoy!

Batman 1989 Preview

Batman 1989 width=200 height=160 - The first of the modern Batman movies. Contains wallpaper, icons, sounds, cursors, and font.

Batman Beyond Preview

Batman Beyond width=200 height=160 - Batman Beyond: includes wallpaper, icons, cursors, sounds, webviews, startup and shutdown screens.

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Free screensaver preview. Carnaval screensaver and desktop theme. Amazing images break into pieces and fly away to the mood of a smooth Blues song. Music is a very obscure Rolling Stones song.
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Free screensaver preview. Butterfly Fantasia screensaver and desktop theme. This is the number one downloaded screensaver. This fractal is a favorite of my entire family. 3 Dimensional cubes tumble across your screen building a stunning butterfly along with mysterious music.
download Butterfly Fantasia Screensaver

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