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Mickey Mouse Themes
Valentine Delivery From Mickey Preview

Valentine Delivery From Mickey width=250 height=188 - He s coming soon to your neighbourhood, down every street and byway, it s Mickey Mouse delivering Valentine cards on this Valentine s Day. Wallpaper in 1024, 1280, and 1680 widescreen sizes, icons, cursors, startup screen, XP bootscreen, and stereo sounds. Matching screensaver, Winamp and Messenger skins also available. One of Mickey s deliveries is to Minnie, his special Valentine, of course he s going to ask her, Will you please be mine.

Winter Magic Preview

Winter Magic width=250 height=188 - What a great painting this is for your children to enjoy durning the winter season. The kids of this home has built a very different snowman, in fact it looks a lot like Mickey Mouse. Music By Minnie Mouse, Yoo Hoo. Enjoy, Jeanie.

Mickeys Christmas Caroling Preview

Mickeys Christmas Caroling width=250 height=188 - This bright Mickey Mouse holiday wallpaper is sure to put a splash of red and green on your desktop as Mickey and the gang sing Christmas carols. Music By Elvis, We Wish You A Merry Christmas. Have A Very Merry Christmas, Jeanie.

Mickey Mouse Club Active Preview

Mickey Mouse Club Active width=250 height=188 - This theme has a float applet. Art is by Disney, copyright by Disney. Edited and created by me for the theme. It has icons and cursors. Comes with easy install instructions. Please note applet themes are installed in 2 steps.

Sorcery in the Sky Preview

Sorcery in the Sky width=250 height=188 - This wallpaper is sheer magic when it comes to the wonders of Mickey Mouse and he is larger than life in this scene as a sorcerer with exploding fireworks everywhere. Music by Minnie Mouse, Yoo Hoo. Enjoy Jeanie.

Minnie Mouses Ice Skating Lesson Preview

Minnie Mouses Ice Skating Lesson width=250 height=188 - What a great friend Minnie has in Mickey Mouse, he is trying to teach her how to ice skate, hes even ready to catch her when she falls. Music by Minnie Mouse, Yoo Hoo. Enjoy Wally

Mickeys Yuletide Moment Preview

Mickeys Yuletide Moment width=250 height=188 - Mickey Mouse and Pluto are enjoy a wonderful moment with the mischievous chipmunks, Chip N Dale as they decorate their Christmas tree. Music by Disney, Merry Christmas. Enjoy Darlene.

Mickey Meets Ebeneze Scrooge Preview

Mickey Meets Ebeneze Scrooge width=250 height=188 - What a wonderful picture of Mickey Mouse as he encounters Ebeneze Scrooge at work one day. From the movie Mickeys Christmas Carol. Music by The Disney Singers, Merry Christmas Jeanie.

Mickey Mouse The Ghostbuster Preview

Mickey Mouse The Ghostbuster width=250 height=188 - This is a great picture of Mickey Mouse in a haunted house with some silly ghost. From his movie Lonesome Ghost. Music, Ghostbusters. Enjoy Wally.

Haunting We Will Go Preview

Haunting We Will Go width=250 height=188 - This wallpaper is a frightful sight of ghost flying out of a hunted house as Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Goofy stand by in total fear. A cute Halloween paper. Music by Gene Simmons, Haunted House. Enjoy Darlene.

Mickeys Summertime Snooze Preview

Mickeys Summertime Snooze width=250 height=188 - Mickey Mouse must really be taking a long nap in this picture because he has giving two little birds ample time to build a nest on his hat. A really cute Disney wallpaper. Music by Minnie Mouse, Yoo Hoo. Enjoy Darlene

Mickey And The Bear Preview

Mickey And The Bear width=250 height=188 - What a great picture of Mickey Mouse, but I think this time he might of gone to far, when he put his head inside a very large bears mouth. From the movie The Pointer. Music by Minnie Mouse, Yoo Hoo. Enjoy Jeanie.

Mickey The Country Boy Preview

Mickey The Country Boy width=250 height=188 - Mickey Mouse just loves being out in the country working on his farm. Music by Minnie Mouse, Yoo Hoo. Enjoy Wally.

Mickey As The Prince And Pauper Preview

Mickey As The Prince And Pauper width=250 height=188 - This is a great scene from Mickey Mouses movie the Prince And The Pauper where Mickey plays both the Prince and the Pauper. Music by Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse Theme Song. Enjoy Darlene.

Mickey Mouse Preview

Mickey Mouse width=250 height=188 - The most famous mouse in the world, comes with icons and matching mickey cursors, sounds too, thank you and enjoy

Pilgrimns Mickey And Minnie Preview

Pilgrimns Mickey And Minnie width=250 height=188 - This is a cute fall picture of Minnie and Mickey Mouse dressed as pilgrims. A great paper for the up coming holidays. Music The Thanksgiving Song. Enjoy, Jeanie

Mickeys Pumpkin Patch Preview

Mickeys Pumpkin Patch width=250 height=188 - Mickey Mouse is dressed up as a scarecrow and is out in his Pumpkin patch field, talking to a black bird. Music Pumpkin Pickin Sunday. Enjoy Wally

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