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Flower Icons

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Flower Icons
Groovy Flower Icons Preview

Groovy Flower Icons width=250 height=188 - 17 wild, colorful and groovy flower icons with all transparent backgrounds. Hope ya like them!

Christmas Flower Icons Preview

Christmas Flower Icons width=250 height=188 - 19 beautiful christmas flower icons with all transparent backgrounds. Made beautifully by CANDY and submitted by me. Hope ya like them!

Petunia 2006 Preview

Petunia 2006 width=250 height=188 - 6 beautiful icons, with a pink petunia, including a single transparent petunia. Look for the coordinating transparent screensaver, cursors and wallpaper that are available separately. I also have a simple theme that matches.

Waterlily 2006 Preview

Waterlily 2006 width=250 height=188 - 6 simply beautiful icons, with a creamy white waterlily, including a single transparent waterlily. Look for the coordinating transparent screensaver, cursors and wallpaper that are available separately. I also have a simple theme that matches.

Sunflower 2006 Preview

Sunflower 2006 width=250 height=188 - Sunshine in the form of a flower... a beautiful sunflower will always brighten you day.

Pansy Flower Icons Preview

Pansy Flower Icons width=250 height=188 - 11 beautiful pansy flower icons all with transparent backgrounds. Made so lovingly by Candy and submitted by me. Hope you like them, I sure did!

Positively Pink Chrysanthemums Preview

Positively Pink Chrysanthemums width=250 height=188 - A very pretty pink bunch of chrysanthemums are a positive addition to your desktop.

Purple Passion Persuasion Preview

Purple Passion Persuasion width=250 height=188 - Rose Candles Float Gently Across Quiet Rippling Waters Combined With A Peaceful Melody Of Harps, Flutes and Cellos. Total Relaxation With This Graceful Screensaver With Matching Theme, Wallpaper, Icons and Cursors Also Available. ~ Lady Di

Deer Dancer Preview

Deer Dancer width=250 height=188 - Comes the deer to my singing, comes the deer to my song, through the blossoms, through the flowers, coming, coming now, comes the deer to my singing. A set of 27 icons.

40 Folders Assorted Preview

40 Folders Assorted width=250 height=188 - Dragons, dogs, birds, butterflies, flowers and more. Here are 40 assorted folders to match just about any theme you have. All originals by Irene and made with magic.

Power Flowers Preview

Power Flowers width=250 height=188 - Brighten up your desktop and your life this Summer with these beautiful, bright flowers, sure to put a smile on your face and a song in your heart. Theme, wallpaper, screensaver, icons and cursors all here for you

Neon Butterflies Preview

Neon Butterflies width=250 height=188 - Bright and Brilliant Neon Butterflies Flitter About The Flowers In This Screensaver With Mutable Sound. Theme, Wallpaper, Stationery, Icons, 12 Static and 2 Ani Cursors Also Available As Well As A Clock Screensaver and Active Wallpaper ~ Lady Di

Blue Hummer Preview

Blue Hummer width=250 height=188 - Beautiful blue hummingbird, perfect for all your spring and summer flower and garden themes. Use her with love, shes pretty special.

Flower Skunk Icons Preview

Flower Skunk Icons width=250 height=188 - 32 Flower the skunk icons. 2 have transparent backgrounds, the rest have color backgrounds. Hope ya like them!

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Free screensaver preview. Lost screensaver and desktop theme. Vivid cubes tumble on your desktop to create amazing art. Has a unique desktop theme.
download Lost in a Fractal Screensaver
Free screensaver preview. Appleblosom free screensaver and Summer Breeze desktop theme. Appleblossom screensaver uses my most popular graphics effect. The 3D images transform and reveal themselves into each other creating a relaxing yet interesting effect. Summer Breeze image is used for the matching desktop theme.
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