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Halloween Icons

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Halloween Icons
Halloween Wrap Artist Preview

Halloween Wrap Artist width=200 height=160 - He rises up from the grave, he knows you won t really mind, if he scares you a bit, he s just chillin out, this wrapper knows how to unwind. So if you are worried that you might fall, into his evil trap, don t fret yourself, because this artist really knows how to wrap. A set of five 3D icons.

The Reaper Rises Preview

The Reaper Rises width=200 height=160 - From the bowels of Hades, Lucifer s servants come in many guises, from the Pit of Pain, his terror will reign, on Halloween the Reaper rises! The Reaper rises, ascending from Hell, and with him he brings such pain, He s all that s obscene, He s born of fire, He spreads horror throughout the domain. A set of 5 icons.

Ghosts and Goblins Preview

Ghosts and Goblins width=200 height=160 - Ghosts and goblins, goblins and ghosts, on Halloween night they abound, try not to attract them, beware, watch out, be quiet, don t make a sound! So if you see them, you had better get going, start runnin, and stop your hobblin, for they will chase you, you don t want to get caught, by those ghastly ghosts and goblins! A set of 5 icons.

Welcome to Hotel Halloween Preview

Welcome to Hotel Halloween width=200 height=160 - Come right in, you are welcome here, it s a blast, a real scream, have some poison with your tea, welcome to Hotel Halloween. Don t mind the headless corpses, or ghosts you may have seen, or things that chill you in the night, in Hotel Halloween. A set of 5 icons.

Graveyard Gourds Preview

Graveyard Gourds width=200 height=160 - When you are out on Halloween, you had better be on your guard, for you might encounter the ghastly gourds, of the grim and gruesome graveyard. Ghosts and goblins, demons and witches, of these you will find many hordes, on Halloween night when the moon is bright, beware of the graveyard gourds! A set of five icons.

The Prince of Darkness Preview

The Prince of Darkness width=200 height=160 - Who brings the terror, the fear, the pain, it is He, I must confess, the epitome of Hell itself, the vile Prince of Darkness. Evil, violence, fury, and greed, all these He does possess, He wants your soul, your life, your blood, the wicked Prince of Darkness. A set of five 3D icons.

Jack O Lanterns Icons Preview

Jack O Lanterns Icons width=200 height=160 - These are quality cutout icons. Art is by Vector. Edited for the icon file. Some may appear blurry because I enlarged them for better viewing. The originals are not. Created by me.

Halloween Pumpkin Pack Preview

Halloween Pumpkin Pack width=200 height=160 - Eight holiday pumpkins to dress up your desktop for Halloween Night 32x32 True Color


HEEEEELP! width=200 height=160 - Halloween assortment.

Personable Pumpkins Preview

Personable Pumpkins width=200 height=160 - They are not vile, pernicious, evil or mean, they are the most personable pumpkins every Halloween. A set of five 3D icons.

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Free screensaver preview. Lost screensaver and desktop theme. Vivid cubes tumble on your desktop to create amazing art. Has a unique desktop theme.
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Free screensaver preview. Appleblosom free screensaver and Summer Breeze desktop theme. Appleblossom screensaver uses my most popular graphics effect. The 3D images transform and reveal themselves into each other creating a relaxing yet interesting effect. Summer Breeze image is used for the matching desktop theme.
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