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Gothic Screensavers
Sweet Surrender III Preview

Sweet Surrender III width=200 height=160 - New, 3D Effects! Animated Gothic Hearts Captivating, Bursting translucent hearts. Soundtract Sweet Surrender - Celtic Twilight by Fiona Joyce Calendar, Clock and midiplayer Wide screen

Sorrow blue I Preview

Sorrow blue I width=200 height=160 - Captivating gothic screensaver, Star dustefect. You will delight with the new 3D gothic graphics of our most popular screensaver Features New, 3D Effects Captivating, star dust, sparkling stars 3D animated screensaver Mouse Interaction Music by Evanescence ~ The Open Door ~ Sweet Sacrifice Calendar Clock midi player Freeware wide screen

Insatiable dreams I Preview

Insatiable dreams I width=200 height=160 - Captivating gothic Statue screensaver, Star dustefect. You will delight with the new 3D gothic graphics of our most popular screensaver Features New, 3D Effects Captivating, star dust, sparkling stars 3D animated screensaver Mouse Interaction Music VIVALDI -- CONCERTO FOR STRINGS IN C MAJOR Calendar Clock midi player Freeware Wide screen

Gothic Angel Wings Screensaver Preview

Gothic Angel Wings Screensaver width=200 height=160 - This screensaver has a wallpaper background of gothicy angel wings and I made it where some parts of the wings are glittering. So beautiful to me! Has music by Enigma-Sadness that can be muted. This Screensaver is considered Donationware. So, if you like it, Please be honest and donate via my website. Donations would surely help me as an author. Thanks and dont forget this screensaver has a matching free theme up for download as well.

Haunted Gothic Mansion 2 Preview

Haunted Gothic Mansion 2 width=200 height=160 - Way Cool. This is an Updated Screen Saver of one of my Classics. This one will fit the larger screens too. New actors and music. Enjoy for Free.

StarDust Preview

StarDust width=200 height=160 - A Gothic Drow witch walks through a barrien and desolate field followed by a very magical and playful groupe of sprites

Bring Me To Life Preview

Bring Me To Life width=200 height=160 - A sleeping goth beauty waits for her savior in a gothic temple. Easy install. All original 3D. Optional music plays the complete song by Evanescence. The matching animated fire saver to my desktop theme, animated stationery, ICQ, WinAmp and Hotbar skins.

Dungeon of the Dammed Preview

Dungeon of the Dammed width=200 height=160 - A dark dungeon that imprisons lost souls of the dead that have committed great crimes. Thus they are dammed to the dungeon for all eternity.

Blue Hearts SS Preview

Blue Hearts SS width=200 height=160 - Spinning blue hearts against a blue Gothic mansion background and mutable Bolero music.

Grave Robber Preview

Grave Robber width=200 height=160 - Isn`t the devil just the ugliest thing you ever saw, yuck,anyway the saver has three spinning , twirling cubes pf the wallpaper and spooky background music

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Top 20 Most Downloaded Screensavers            

Free screensaver preview. Lilac and Lime Lace screensaver and Fractal Wonderland desktop theme. This free screensaver was originally called fractal wonderland but the screen saver images did not have same effect as the theme image. The name changed to lilac and lime lace do to the fact that the screensaver images have a lacey look. This free screensaver is over eight minutes long which is one of the reasons why it has two different songs for the background music. The songs were actually selected by two fans of my free screensavers instead of my own music selections.
download Lime Lace Screensaver
Free screensaver preview. Fractal in Bloom has some of the most beautiful images of all the different free screensavers. Vivid cubes tumble on your desktop creating several different images. Has a beautiful desktop theme.
download Fractal in Bloom Screensaver

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