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Moving Themes
River Monster Preview

River Monster width=250 height=188 - The maniacal monster of the river was seen on the surface of the water, its great gaping mouth wide open exposing rapacious rows of huge, cutting, razor sharp teeth. Wallpaper in 1024, 1280, and 1680 sizes, 3D icons, cursors, XP bootscreen, and stereo sounds. Matching screensaver and Winamp skin available separately. Suddenly the gargantuan beast rose out of the water, moving its prodigious head from side to side, in search of some susceptible prey.

HP Car Escapade Active Preview

HP Car Escapade Active width=250 height=188 - This theme has moving clouds and rain. It has icons and cursors. This theme has awesome effects. Comes with easy install instructions. A Matching Active Wallpaper, Screensaver, and OE Stationery available. Please note applet themes are installed in 2 steps.

Fishing on a Midsummer Night Preview

Fishing on a Midsummer Night width=250 height=188 - Two rods are dapping for river bass on Old Red River. Our lines each make a bosomy downwind curve as two bushy flies ballet dance on moonstruck water. Wallpaper art by George Kovach in 1024, 1280, and 1680 sizes, 3D icons, cursors, starup screen, XP bootscreen, and stereo sounds. Matching screensaver, Winamp and ICQ skins available separately. A spinnaker line has straightened. The water explodes and shoots a bass into the air, while one bushy fly still dances on the moving glitter.

American Falls Preview

American Falls width=250 height=188 - Niagara Falls! Thy white foam pillars ever moving stand, and ever standing move harmoniously to the rough music of the dashing spray. Wallpaper in 1024, 1280, and 1680 widescreen sizes, 3D icons, cursors, startup screen, XP bootscreen, and stereo sounds. Matching screensaver, Winamp and ICQ skins available separately. When did thy swift but solemn march begin. When was thou first heaved over those heights sublime. You stand alone, unmatched, unrivaled Falls.

Those Golden Days Preview

Those Golden Days width=250 height=188 - Firstly, this preview is next to useless. See full size on my website under Themes Non-Rose.

Autumn s Charm Preview

Autumn s Charm width=250 height=188 - The leaves thick falling, the ground brown with them already, a serene autumn sun and westerly breeze, the water surface moving in wind-ripples. Wallpaper in 1680, 1280, and 1024 sizes, icons, cursors, startup screen, XP bootscreen, and stereo sounds. Matching screensaver, Winamp and Messenger skins also available. Rich coloring, yellows of all hues, pale and dark green, shades from lightest to richest red, all set in and toned down by the prevailing brown of the earth and gray of the sky.

Cat Catching Preview

Cat Catching width=250 height=188 - This is a cute little wallpaper of a pretty little gray and white kitty cat that looks like he is on the hunt to catch something moving in the nearby wooded area and he sit perched atop an old wood rail fence. Music by Petula Clark, Cat In The Window. Enjoy Jeanie.

Autumn Train Preview

Autumn Train width=250 height=188 - For a wonderful Autumn desktop, the trees in Missouri have burst into brilliant color as this little train makes a perilous journey between the hills and the mighty river. Thanks for the photo, guys, I love it. A wonderful water illusion screensaver with moving water and mutable sound along with the wallpaper are also available.

Hunting in the Yosemite Valley by Star Angel Preview

Hunting in the Yosemite Valley by Star Angel width=250 height=188 - Art image by Albert Bierstadt. WP edge effect, birds, cougar and elk horns by Star Angel. All theme elements including windows startup logo, Sound file is a cougar growling, with the wind moving and a bald eagle call. Screensaver available in the screensaver section under the same name. Wp also available.

Morning Daydream Preview

Morning Daydream width=250 height=188 - This country path is bordered with to many beautiful flowers to mention among which are some orange and yellow day Lilies as a fast moving stream breaks over the rocks and creates a real sense of peace and tranquility. Music by Anne Murray, Daydream Believer. Enjoy Wally.

Desert Mist Preview

Desert Mist width=250 height=188 - What an outstanding picture of the mountains located in Arizona, and a cloudy mist is moving in over them. Music by Chet Akins, Cloudy And Cool. Enjoy Jeanie.

4th Of July Firecrackers Preview

4th Of July Firecrackers width=250 height=188 - A red, white and blue wallpaper, with all kinds of exploding firecrackers on it. Sounds, icons and cursors included. Icons are from Theme Garden, cursors are from Themes By Lori Kay. Has matching transparent screensaver of all kinds of animated firecrackers moving all over the screen. Hope ya like it!

Storm Over The Mountain Preview

Storm Over The Mountain width=250 height=188 - This is a wonderful picture of a couple of mountain cabins at the base of tall mountains and a large black cloud moving in over the cabins. Music by Willie Nelson, Uncloudy Day. Enjoy Wally.

Glen Creek Mill Preview

Glen Creek Mill width=250 height=188 - This is a beautiful wallpaper of a rustic old mill building with its waterwheel sitting on some fast moving water and a lovely waterfall in the foreground. Music by The Mills Brother Barbershop. Down By The Old Mill Stream. Enjoy Darlene.

Water Fairy Preview

Water Fairy width=250 height=188 - Water lilies and a pretty fairy in the moon for a magical desktop. Theme, original wallpaper by Irene, a great OE stationery lightly animated with sparkles, and a screensaver with moving water and relaxing water sounds are all available for you.

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