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Native American Screensavers

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Native American Screensavers
A Spirit Wolf Christmas 2009 Preview

A Spirit Wolf Christmas 2009 width=200 height=160 - Beautiful Spirit Wolf Christmas Has A Native American Flair Honoring My Totem The Wolf. Xmas Time Is A Time To Be Thankful For Special Things. Includes Falling Snow, Snowflakes And Flying Eagle Animation. Mutable Fully Orchestrated Soundtrack Is Native American Flute And Guitar By Lifescapes. What Is Your Totem Thanks To Char At Elfie Creations For The Wolfman Art Snow Globe. Wallpaper Available.

Welcome Thanksgiving Preview

Welcome Thanksgiving width=200 height=160 - Pilgram & Native Americans come together with turkeys & kitties joining in with an autumn wallpaper surrounding them. NON-transparent screensaver with mutable native american music. Made by THE JUNIEBUGGY and submitted by me. We hope ya like it!

Native American Fall Preview

Native American Fall width=200 height=160 - A Native American tribe settlement along a lazy river with their teepees smoking & some Native Americans in their canoe & geese complete this wonderful NON-TRANSPARENT fall or anytime screensaver. Has mutable music & was made by the WONDERFUL JUNIEBUGGY and submitted by me. Hope ya like it!

Thanksgiving Ride Preview

Thanksgiving Ride width=200 height=160 - Take a ride on the river with a Pilgram & a Native American on a raft with their autumn time food. A log cabin on the shore with more Pilgrams & there is some animals too with the woods behind them all. NON-TRANSPARENT screensaver with mutable music. Made so CUTE by our Juniebuggy and submitted by me. Hope ya like it! One of my favs Junie.

Native American Arrowheads Preview

Native American Arrowheads width=200 height=160 - Beautiful Native American arrowheads with many differant Native American scenes inside each one are moving all over the computer screen. This transparent screensaver would go with so many differant themes and wallpapers. Has mutable music. Hope ya like it! This comes to you thanks to JUNE!

Braving the Cold Preview

Braving the Cold width=200 height=160 - Accompany a native american brave as he approches the warmth of home to take away the chill of winter

Native Struggle Preview

Native Struggle width=200 height=160 - A place frozen in time and a way of life, the southwest its native american heritage and the beauty of the land.

NativeAmericanSS05 Preview

NativeAmericanSS05 width=200 height=160 - Beautiful Native American Saver with several Native American backgrounds, and Plays a beautiful NA midi.

Indian Summer Preview

Indian Summer width=200 height=160 - An early Autumn mountain scene with an animated stream running past a small Native American camp. A fire flickers near the tepee and birds fly overhead. The optional music is Blue Fields.

Native American PowWow Preview

Native American PowWow width=200 height=160 - A tribute to the Native Americans on a transparent background....Hope ya like it!

Soulmates Still Preview

Soulmates Still width=200 height=160 - Thank you, Arlene for sharing this lovely screensaver with us. And I hope it is uploaded correctly this time. Check out the wonderful Native American lovers and watch the elegant eagles fly and the lovely floating sparkles and dreamcatchers.

Shattered Dreams Preview

Shattered Dreams width=200 height=160 - Dreams were dreamed and songs were sung, and the world moved on. If you enjoy wolves and Native Americans, dont miss this one. Transitional slideshow. Theme and wallpaper also available.

Trusted Friend Preview

Trusted Friend width=200 height=160 - A Native American crouches beside a moving stream that is teeming with animated fish. The optional music is Dances With Wolves.

Spiritual Mystic Screensaver Preview

Spiritual Mystic Screensaver width=200 height=160 - 100 different wallpaper sized images Includes different religions or spiritual beliefs, including Buddhist, Native American, New Age, Pagan, Wiccan, Christian, Astrology, Nature, Shaman, Hindu, Muslim, Animalism and more. Enjoy

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