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Sunset Screensavers

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Sunset Screensavers
Sunset on the Bay Preview

Sunset on the Bay width=250 height=188 - The sun is setting on the bay, and in its beams, clouds of gray and gold unroll upon the amber air, the street lamps throw their reflection on the still water. Rippling water effect in this animated screensaver. Matching desktop theme, wallpaper, XP bootscreen, and Winamp skin available. A summer day beside the placid bay has passed into the land of dreams, and with a soft monotonous cadence, sun sets on the bay.

Lullaby of the Lake Preview

Lullaby of the Lake width=250 height=188 - Sparkling diamonds on the water are collected as the sun settles, sunset paves the road to the moon and the stars beyond, soft breezes sing the lullaby of the lake. Water ripples and leaves sway in the breeze in this animated screensaver. Matching desktop theme, wallpaper, XP bootscreen, and Winamp skin available. A magic draught of idleness is gathered in summer s cup, pine trees voice ancient lore of the tranquil lake, its lullaby floating across the glimmering surface.

Walkway to Paradise Preview

Walkway to Paradise width=250 height=188 - A walkway to paradise! There the trees of glorious forms hang forth in golden collections, flowers of every sunset hue skirt the sunny seaboard coves. Rippling water effect, and swaying palm trees in this animated screensaver. Matching desktop theme, wallpaper, XP bootscreen, Winamp and ICQ skins available separately. A walkway to paradise! Swaying palms, fresh showered each morn with honey-dew, the pillary aisle of primal groves flashing to the sea.

Sunset SS Preview

Sunset SS width=250 height=188 - This screensaver has a lake effect. It has a matching Active Theme, Active Wallpaper, and Stationery available. Edited and created by me for the theme.

The City Preview

The City width=250 height=188 - Watch as The City passes through a 24 hour period. This includes sunrise and sunset, as well as lights on and off.

Eagle Sunset Preview

Eagle Sunset width=250 height=188 - Eagles soar high above the moving stream in this one. The background is a beautiful sunset scene with a view of an eagles nest. Several small animated animals are also around. The optional music is Ride The Wind. You can easily add your own music to this one. A small clock in the corner can be moved or removed entirely.

Painted Sunset Preview

Painted Sunset width=250 height=188 - Relax to a calm moment reflecting in natures beauty to a fully animated screensaver with ocean sounds.

Marvelous Indians Preview

Marvelous Indians width=250 height=188 - This is a great screen saver for everyone who loves Indians. It has 17 great paintings of Indians, Squaws, wolves, even a couple of cute Raccoons, and fabulous sunset. Music by Johnny Horton, Comanche. Enjoy Jeanie.

Golden Morning Fishing Preview

Golden Morning Fishing width=250 height=188 - Crows flying, Fish jumping, Wind blowing in the trees. What a beautiful autumn morning to go fishing.

Traveling On The Ocean Preview

Traveling On The Ocean width=250 height=188 - What an outstanding screen saver this is, everyone who loves the ocean should enjoy the 15 wallpapers in this saver. You will find yourself watching ships at sea, a Sail boat race, some old fishing boats, theres even a few sunken ships for you to enjoy. Music by Styx, Come Sail Away. Enjoy Wally.

Ocean Sunset Preview

Ocean Sunset width=250 height=188 - A beautiful ocean sunset is a perfect ending to a summer day at the beach. Saver has soft waves and soothing nature sounds. Matches my theme by the same name.

Marvelous Wings Preview

Marvelous Wings width=250 height=188 - Here is a great screen saver for you, with 14 different wallpapers of flying birds, Chickens, Swans, Eagles, Tropical Birds, and outstanding sunsets. Music by Jewel Akins, The Birds And The Bees. Enjoy Jeanie.

Landscapes Screensaver v1 Preview

Landscapes Screensaver v1 width=250 height=188 -

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Top 20 Most Downloaded Screensavers            

Free screensaver preview. India 3D images are named after abstract art from India. Free screensaver made of beautiful images that break into pieces and fly away along with the music. A matching desktop theme is available.
download India Screensaver
Free screensaver preview. This screensaver includes several beautiful paintings by Kagaya.
download Kagaya Screensaver

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