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Tropical Themes

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Tropical Themes
Rolling Waves Preview

Rolling Waves width=200 height=160 - A lush tropical ocean scene with waves rolling in.

Betty Boop in Hawaii Preview

Betty Boop in Hawaii width=200 height=160 - Betty is in beautiful Hawaii enjoying the tropical sun, she is getting a beautiful Hawaiian tan, and having some summer fun! Wallpaper in 1024, 1280, and 1680 sizes, 3D icons, cursors, startup screen, XP bootscreen, and stereo sounds. Matching screensaver, Winamp and ICQ skins available separately. Betty is doing the hula, she loves a good luau, she sends a happy aloha, she still is the cat s meow!

Lone Beach Island Preview

Lone Beach Island width=200 height=160 - A little lone island surrounded by tropical ocean water that has 2 palm trees, a hammock, a chair and tan colored sand while seagulls fly above. Has a matching non-transparent screensaver named the same in the screensaver section. Comes with sounds, icons and cursors. Hope ya like it!

Sea Turtle And Tropical Fish Preview

Sea Turtle And Tropical Fish width=200 height=160 - You will surely enjoy this wonderful ocean painting of a sea turtle swimming among some beautiful tropical fish as they pass by a lovely bed of orange coral. If you would like a marvelous screen saver to match this wallpaper Fish And Coral Reefs would be perfect for you. The screen saver was posted separatley. Music by The Vogues, Till. Enjoy Darlene.

Reef Sharks Preview

Reef Sharks width=200 height=160 - The sharks have gather together on this reef with a few Tropical fish swimming around. Music By Bobby Darin, Mack The Knife. Enjoy, Jeanie.

Rainbows End Preview

Rainbows End width=200 height=160 - Flowers in vibrant colors and a tropical paradise are at the end of this rainbow; custom icons, anis and cursors. Matching wallpaper available separately.

Tropical Fish And Coral Preview

Tropical Fish And Coral width=200 height=160 - This is a fabulous painting filled with Tropical fish, Stingray, and very colorful coral. Music By Dan Fogelberg, Longer. Enjoy, Darlene.

Wailua Falls Preview

Wailua Falls width=200 height=160 - I just love beaches and tropical climates and places and this one is beautiful with its blues and greens and falling waterfall; custom icons, anis and cursors. Matching watereffect animated screensaver, winamp and wallpaper available separately.

Dolphin Paradise Preview

Dolphin Paradise width=200 height=160 - This is a fantastic wallpaper for your desktop. It features a under water paradise filled with tropical fish, Sea Turtles, coral bed and of course lots of Dolphins. Music By Johnny Mathis, Wonderful. Enjoy, Wally.

Hummingbird For May Preview

Hummingbird For May width=200 height=160 - Enjoy the brilliant royal blue color of this glorious hummingbird as he feeds on a tropical plant bloom of red-orange and yellow. Music By Barbara Streisand, Songbird. Enjoy, Jeanie.

Coral Reef Preview

Coral Reef width=200 height=160 - This gorgeous wallpaper is filled with the many different colors of the sea and a few Tropical Fish. A beautiful saver for you to match with this wallpaper would be Tropical Fish, which was posted earlier. Music by Nat King Cole, The Sand And The Sea. Enjoy Wally.

Moonlight Cascade Preview

Moonlight Cascade width=200 height=160 - The oceans waves are rolling into the shore line, the tropical sky is a brilliant blue and the moons rays are shining brightly on the ocean surface. Music by Johnny Mathis, Wonderful. Enjoy Jeanie.

Fish Preview

Fish width=200 height=160 - Want some tropical fish on your desktop.....Here they are. Comes with sounds, icons and cursors. Hope ya like it!

Porpoise Paradise Preview

Porpoise Paradise width=200 height=160 - This beautiful wallpaper is full of Tropical Fish, colorful seaplants and a couple of Dolphins. A great matching screen saver, Dolphins In The Blue Ocean can be downloaded separatley. Music by Three Dog Night, Joy To The World. Enjoy Wally.

Yellow Tropical Fish And Purple Coral Preview

Yellow Tropical Fish And Purple Coral width=200 height=160 - What a pretty and simple painting this is of a yellow tropical fish swimming along the border of some purple coral and plant life. A beautiful saver for you to match with this wallpaper would be Tropical Fish, which was posted earlier. Music by Tommy James, Crystal Blue Persuasion. Enjoy Jeanie.

Tropical Island For December Preview

Tropical Island For December width=200 height=160 - The sun has set over this beautiful tropical island of St. Lucia, but you can still see the silhouette of the Palm Trees and beach chairs. Music By Nat King Cole, The Sand And The Sea. Enjoy Wally.

Tropical Island For November Preview

Tropical Island For November width=200 height=160 - This is a very nice wallpaper of Seychelles island, with the white caps of the ocean rolling in and the 3 mountains on the horizon. Music By Stevie Wonder, Castles In The Sand. Enjoy Wally.

Tropical Island For October Preview

Tropical Island For October width=200 height=160 - Enjoy the beauty of this wonderful wallpaper of crashing waves as the ocean splashed against the rocks in the foreground of a gnarly old evergreen. Music by Johnny Mathis, Wonderful. Enjoy Wally.

Tropical Heaven Active Preview

Tropical Heaven Active width=200 height=160 - This theme has a float applet. Artist Unknown. Edited and created by me. It has icons and cursors. Comes with easy install instructions. Please note applet themes are installed in 2 steps. Matching Active Wallpaper, Screensaver, and OE Stationery available.

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Free screensaver preview. Palermo Paradise free screensaver includes several beautiful paintings of Palermo Italy. The matching desktop theme uses beautiful colors that match the wallpaper.
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