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Top 20 Most Downloaded XP Styles
Windows Media X Orange XP Theme

Windows Media X Orange (Miscellaneous / 407 Kb) - Windows Media X Orange based on Windows media player 10. ONe of my favorites

underwater XP Style

underwater (Nature / 2826 Kb)

rain Style XP Theme

rain (Nature / 2321 Kb)

autumn XP Style

autumn (Nature / 2453 Kb)

abstract XP Style

abstract (Abstract / 3105 Kb)

Windows Vista XP Theme

Windows Vista (949 Kb) Style XP

nvidia (Computers / 3335 Kb)

Bionism Black XP Theme

Bionism Black (Fantasy / 296 Kb) - Bionism Dark. Based on a windows media player skin called Bionicdot

Vista Media Player XP Theme

Vista Media Player - View NS Network Organization New!

longhorn Style XP Theme

longhorn (Computers / 1342 Kb)

Virtual State XP Theme

Virtual State (Art / 250 Kb) - Like looking through a Hawaiian reef - from the bottom of the ocean..

Illusion XP Theme

Illusion (Miscellaneous / 855 Kb) - Illusion comes complete with shellstyle, system fonts, desktop icons and wallpaper. Author credits enclosed. Distributed as a self-installing executable file.

Mossy Elegance XP Theme

Mossy Elegance (Miscellaneous / 269 Kb) - Very clean, elegant style makes your system a joy. Matches several of me wallpapers. Enjoy!!

purple Style XP

purple (Miscellaneous / 1030 Kb)

Windows Media X Cyan XP Theme

Windows Media X Cyan (Computers / 397 Kb) - Windows Media X Cyan based on windows media player 10

Forest Green Style XP

ForestGreen (Miscellaneous / 918 Kb) - ForestGreen comes complete with shellstyle, system font, desktop icons, user icon, and wallpaper. Distributed as a self-installing executable file. Author credits and permissions are contained within the enclosed Permission.txt files.

Indigo XP Theme

Indigo (Art / 316 Kb) - Clean and intricate lines give this theme an edge that you can never get tired of viewing.

bliss Style XP

bliss (Computers / 3284 Kb)

rainbow Style XP Theme

rainbow (Nature / 916 Kb)

bdragon XP Style

bdragon (Fantasy / 2512 Kb)

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