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Top 20 Most Downloaded Screensavers
Rainbow Falls Preview

Rainbow Falls - Beautiful waterfalls cascade down to the rocks below while a lovely rainbow plays upon the water. Soothing waterfall sounds play continually in the background. Artwork by Nita Engel.

Iris Bed Preview

Iris Bed - Janice is sharing with us some gorgeous iris, for a colorful and springtime desktop. If you love iris, dont miss this one, it wont fade and die after a few days, you can keep it forever. Theme and wallpaper also available.

Here Comes the Rain Again Preview

Here Comes the Rain Again - A great Clock saver w/ animated ripples, rain, and lightening. Plays Here Comes the Rain Again by the Eurythmics.

happy day Preview

happy day - a scene of a happy day in nature. spring has sprung. many, many animations and music for a happy day. thanks to MYSTICALMOON for the cool wallpaper. hope you will enjoy it.

Magical and Mystical Make Believe Preview

Magical and Mystical Make Believe - In this land of make believe of Fairies, Unicorns, Angels and Exotic Places anything can happen. Its a place where our imaginations can soar. Magic is a special place we all understand. Over 100 quality images set to magical music by Yanni and others. State of the art special effects and graphics. Fully customizable. FREEWARE-Donations Only. Created by Lady Di

Butterflies are Free Preview

Butterflies are Free - Beautiful butterflies free to flit about your screen and delight you daily. Wonderful light, Springtime theme, a lovely screensaver with lots of fancy flutterbys

Mediterranean Vista - A relaxing clock saver of overlooking the Mediterranean. Includes a greek midi and rippling waters. Art by George Meis

Sea Dream Preview

Sea Dream - A beautiful dream in which you are alone in the midst of a turquoise sea next to a flowering hillside, where you reside in your very own castle. The sea ripples to the sound of water which plays continually in the background. This screensaver matches my desktop theme by the same name. For all screen resolutions.

HibiscusMOD Preview

HibiscusMOD - Pretty Hibiscus flowers of all colors to grace your desktop. Just in time for spring and summer. Transparent saver with pretty oboe music for background. MOD

Lost Dreams Preview

Lost Dreams - A beautiful pastel rainbowed image of calla lilies reflecting in water along with some mementos of lost dreams. Perfect for spring, Easter, for those who have lost dreams or just for a bit of beauty. Original wallpaper by Irene, desktop theme and an animated screensaver with tons of pastel rainbowed bubbles floating are all available for your downloading pleasure.

Holy Screenz Screensaver

Holy Screenz (Religious / 4800 Kb) - Christian Bible verse screensaver features inspirational verses on beautiful scenic backgrounds. Freeware, designed 1024 x 768 displays.

Magic Waters Preview

Magic Waters - A Beautiful Princess Pours Magic Water Into A Well. Good Fortune and Prosperity Come To All Who Drink From Her Well. Screensaver, Wallpaper and IE Toolbar Are Available. ~ Lady Di

the owl moon2 Preview

the owl moon2 - owls have gathered to see the moon rise over a rippling sea. water effects and speed may be adjusted. very easy on the eyes and the ears. hope you will enjoy it. same saver as..the owl moon..but this has no music, just the sound of water. hope you will enjoy it.

Spring Garden Preview

Spring Garden - Colorful flowers to chase the Winter Blues away! 3 scenes, including floating blooms, java powered rain, a java powered slide show of 21 high quality photos with fantastic transitions. Music and sounds included.

Sweet Spring Preview

Sweet Spring - Spring is sprung and all the flowers are out in full bloom and showing off their finest! Songbirds, ducks, butterflies and bees - even storks making their springtime deliveries - all fly across your screen in this scene, along with some frisky cats and a barking dog. Music by Vivaldi called La Primavera plays continually in the background. For 1024X768 resolution. This screensaver accompanies my desktop theme by the same name.

Cornflowers Etc Preview

Cornflowers Etc - A bevy of blue cornflowers, other spring flowers, butterflies and bugs. This Saver complements two desktop themes Cornflowers Etc. and Newness of Life. The theme Newness of Life is found on the Holiday page too because the scripture verse is very applicable to Easter!

Whales of Waialua Preview

Whales of Waialua - These giants of the sea cavort in their special refuge on the beautiful island of Waialua, as stars twinkle above an animated sea. Background painting by Al Hogue. Whale sounds and Hawaiian guitar music called Waikiki Hula Medley play continually in the background. This screensaver accompanies my desktop theme by the same name.

Brilliant Butterflies Preview

Brilliant Butterflies - Bright and bold, these rainbowed butterflies are sure to brighten up the gloomiest Spring day. Original wallpaper by Irene, desktop theme, and a cheery little animated screensaver with flying butterflies and some color changing ones, too, and with wonderful mutable music. Spring or Summer, if you are a butterfly person, check this out.

Captivating Falls Preview

Captivating Falls - A spectacular flowing waterfall scene. One of the most realistic scenes we have made so far.

Springtime Friends Preview

Springtime Friends - If you liked my wallpaper Springtime Friends then this is Ultimate Screensaver. The Three Friendly Cats Watch the Butterflies surround them. Fully customizable. Beautiful nature sounds. ~ENJOY~ Lady Di

Free screensaver preview. Entangled free screensaver uses my most popular graphics effect. The 3D images transform and reveal themselves into each other creating a relaxing yet interesting effect. apple blossom
download Entangled Screensaver
Free screensaver preview. This screensaver includes several beautiful paintings by Kagaya.
download Kagaya Screensaver

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